A few questions for THIRD GRADE TEACHERS

Discussion in 'Third Grade' started by McKennaL, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Feb 17, 2010

    Hi 3rd Grade teachers!

    I want THIS year to be the one that I not only knock it out of the park with my interviews…but one in which I grow in knowledge as well.

    I would like to ask you….

    What are the major issues facing teachers of the third grade?


    If you were placed on a committee to hire another teacher for your school (for the third grade) and could ask two questions to prove that they were ready to teach this grade level, what would they be? What would YOU be looking for in this candidate?

    As I say…I’m preparing for interview season – but I also what to grow as a teacher of ANY grade…so I will be asking this of teachers throughout the grade forums. I appreciate any help you can give!
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    Feb 18, 2010

    I'm new to third grade this year, but I would say the biggest challenge is how much of a 'transition' grade it is. It really is sort of stuck between the primary grades and upper elementary. Students move from 'learning to read' to 'reading to learn.' In our state, it is the first tested grade, so that also brings changes.
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    Feb 18, 2010

    I am new to third grade as well. But, one thing I have noticed is that this is the year you really see the gap widen. In grade 2, students working at a K/1 level could still float a little. By grade 3, my highest is working at a grade 5 level and my lowest at a K level. It's SO diverse.

    I second the "reading to learn" comment. Most are at a reading level where this is possible. They need to start becoming a little more independent while still in the realm of "early years". I am enjoying this age, though, for that reason! They are some what independent, but they are still little.

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