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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by budda12ax7, Feb 8, 2019.

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    My last post on here was in 2010....just completing my credential program. Now it's 9 years later.. Well, here in Cali...I wasn't hired right out of the gate, but worked as an instructional assistant, sub, private tutor, private school teacher until the big public school job score, which did happen. I'm now on my 8th year of teaching middle school. I guess I wanted to let others know that you should not give up and keep fighting through all the tests and hoops you need to jump through. YOU CAN DO IT. I did my program at CSUF-Irvine Campus, and it was a very good preparation for the real teaching world. Get After It.

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    Whew, you did it, that's great! I went to the actual CSUF campus for a couple of semesters when I had switched gears to working on my SLP degree. I'll never forget it because that was the farthest I ever had to commute to school & I had the earliest class any university I've been to ever had...a 7 AM class...for this anatomy & physiology class too, eh!

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