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Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by sciencegurl, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Okay, I have a resource period that sucks. The kids basically are in a silent study hall. They can get help from me or another team teacher during that time, but otherwise have to work SILENTLY. I have so much trouble keeping the kids quiet (just 3-4 really). I've resorted to writing names on the board with checks (1 minute after school for each name and 1 additional for each check). However, that isn't working either. I'm looking for something else to try to get these kids to work silently. I'm thinking of instituting a 3 strikes rule and if they have any strikes left they get the last 10 minutes for talking??? I don't want to try and fail a bunch of method though, but I feel the name writing and subsequent minutes are negative and are feeding some negative feelings in general. However, my concern is what happens when they get three strikes? No free time would warrant, but after that what do I do with kids that won't keep quiet since they have nothing else to loose? Also, it's really just a handful of kids that have issues. I'm writing them up, removing them from class, moving them and keeping them after school...nothing is deterring the talking, noise making and general nuisance type behavior (which btw is distracting everyone else around). I guess I could try a positive behavior system and then just call home on these few kids (but I've heard that their parents are not too supportive):help:
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    Well, if it were me, I wouldn't give them three chances. As soon as they talked, I would send them to the P or the AP. But, that's just me. How supportive are your admins? if they aren't supportive, and talking to parents aren't supportive, then it will be tough.
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    The question I would ask myself is "why is the student talking?" They might need to have a blinder around them in order to focus or face the wall. Do they have enough to do? What do students do if all of their work is done or they say all their work is done? Is there something they could do academicly to work towards a reward (read x amount of books and get _____). We have dragon draws for students doing the right thing and they can enter them into a weekly drawing for various prizes (the most sought after item is the homework pass). It might be time to meet with the students and parents and make up a behavior contract.

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