7th Grade Science?

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    I'm going to be teaching mostly sixth grade, but have one period of 7th grade science. Unfortunately, unlike with sixth grade, there is no official seventh grade science curriculum adopted yet, and I guess the district is working on developing a new one aligned with NGSS.
    I don't even have the old curriculum though. All I have are a few old student textbooks and no teacher's edition or anything. Science was not my major in college, and unlike everyone else who teaches science in my school, I have my multiple subject credential rather than my single subject science credential, so I feel like I'll have to learn a lot of material to be able to teach it. It's also my first year teaching and school starts on Monday and I just feel so stressed and unprepared, especially for this particular class. Does anyone have any tips? General advice for teaching content you don't know well? Coming up with lessons with no set curriculum??
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    Seventh grade science in NJ is primarily in the life sciences. 6th is weather, rocks, space. 8th is a mix of physical science and chemistry. Do a few internet searches for schools in your area and you will probably find some teachr's website that will give you an idea of what is being taught. Also, get your hands on a textbook and see the scope. First week is reviewing scientific principles and inquiry. Best of luck.

    Learning as you go is infinitely easier with all of online resources you will be able to access. Find the teacher teaching the majority of the classes, and ask for some help in these early days. Then follow up by doing your homework, learning to lay out the curriculum and instruction per district expectations.
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    Just google 7th Grade NGSS Units of study. You'll be amazed by what appears.
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    Check teacherspayteachers.com, too. I've gotten some amazing units there that I barely had to modify.

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