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Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by newbie2007, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Jul 25, 2007

    Hi all!
    This site has been so great! I am a new teacher this year and I got my credential several years ago so it is like I am learning all over again! I am very excited but I am having some confusion and I don't want to seem totally dense to the other staff.

    Ok, so we use shurley english and the sixtraits writing. Can you incorporate those together? The grammar stuff is mostly the shurley english and then the 6 traits writing is just teaching them how to write. Is that correct? And then do you just do lessons incorporating both of these? That seems like alot of time each day!!(We have like 75 minutes per day set aside for reading but I think that is all for using those open court lessons.)

    Does anyone else use the shurley english? I saw some posts out there but thought I would ask again? Does anyone have fun ideas for teaching all that grammar stuff. The jingles are kind of cute but...I have spent the last five years doinginformal education so I am a hands-on teacher and want the kids to do more than the pencil and paper stuff. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!:)
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    We use Shurley English but not the writing. We are getting a new writing program this year. We sing the jingles everyday and then use a transparency to go over the sentences. I do activities that teach the other skills on the test like syn/ant., common/ proper nouns ect. I hope this helps.

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