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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Starista, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Good Morning,

    Please share how you've been able to incorporate iPads in your elementary classroom. I am so thrilled to have them and am very familiar w/ how iPads work, but not sure where to start other than Brainpop, Jr. :lol:

    I would have posted this in the grade 4 subforum, but I have a feeling that other grades have some fantastic ideas too! Thanks so much.
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    Check with your curriculum company. They likely have a online component. We use Pearson products. They have everything online along with online only resources like interactive journals and videos. We take all of our test for reading and math on the ipad minis. We are 1 to 1, however it is still possible with 6. You would just need to take turns.

    We do Kidblog as our free writing journal. Each child has their own blog. I control the privacy and settings and approve all post. FREE!

    Showbie app allows you to assign students a photo of a worksheet or story passage...really anything you can take a picture of. They can write, circle, and take notes on the picture and send it back to you if you want them to. We have done worksheets like this, made graphs, taken notes on pictures, etc. It can eliminate a lot of copy making. FREE!

    ebackpack is super cool, but it cost money. It is like Showbie, but with more options. Students can have folders so they can have a math folder for all math work, read folder, etc.

    Educreations is cool as well. It is kind of like Showbie where they pull a picture from their camera roll and take notes on it. I believe it is free.

    Story Creator is just what it says. You can even have the stories made into physical books that parents can buy online, unless this has changed. My school does not have this app anymore.

    If you do AR or AM, AM Live is amazing on the ipads. NO MORE PAPER!!!!
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