5th to 6th Transition Activities

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    Bit of Background: Last year was my first year teaching 6th grade math at the local middle school. In May, we went to the elementary school one afternoon to answer questions and then the 5th graders came for a tour one day. I was hoping there would be a bit more preparation and interaction. This year there will be several new staff members on our team and I was thinking it would be the perfect time to suggest updating the transition program.

    Do any of your schools have 5th grade transition programs that involve more than questions and a tour?
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    Maybe you could get some of your students to come with you to answer questions. I remember before I went to high school, a few successful high school students came to answer our questions and it was pretty cool.

    I can also remember when I was at middle school orientation, the previous years 6th graders had submitted "things every middle schooler needs to know". Once all ideas had been submitted, the orientation leaders picked the top 20 and typed them up to give to all new students. It was kind of cool.

    As far as the tour goes, maybe making it more into a scavenger hunt complete with prizes will help them to not only really get the know the school, they can be with other students and make new friends.

    Hope I helped :)

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