5th grade virginia writing sol help!

Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by PenCelia, Mar 5, 2006.

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    Hi this is my first year teaching and I'm getting really nervous because my 5th graders writing sol in va are Tuesday and Wednesday. We have been working on writing prompts and each week I have given the children a daily oral language sheet but I'm worried that they don't transfer the skills to the test. What do you think is the best way to use Monday? I don't know if review of some more grammar just like it would be worded on the test would be helpful. I'm looking for papers or practice test items. I have used the release test items with my after school group. Also on the writing porton do you think it would be helpful to go over different writing styles? My children are excellant with experience writing but the practice prompt that was given was narrative. What do you suggest I do with the children after they take the sols? I want to keep things mellow but its hard when I have all this test anxiety about the children's performance. Thanks! Sarah
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    Well, it's too late to teach narrative writing before the test. But I am sure they will do fine if they are doing well with experience writing. It's a very similar skill.

    If you haven't gone over the "wording stuff", you may want to make a stab at it tomorrow.
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    Here is my two cents worth -- I'm from Virginia, and know the pressure to pass the SOLs.

    1. Remind the students that if they can't spell a word, and they can't find it in the dictionary, use a different word they can spell!

    2. If they aren't sure the grammar is correct (is it you and I, or you and me?) reword it to something they are sure of.

    3. Make sure to indent that first paragraph.

    4. This is what I used to do -- tell the students to pretend that they are writing this essay in order to be accepted to a special summer camp -- like a football camp with their favorite football star, or drama camp with their favorite TV star, music camp with their favorite Pop musician, or a lead role in an MTV music video. The only way they can win a place in this camp or on the video is to write on topic, use vivid descriptions, and have three details for each general statement. It sounds corny, but you'd be surprised.

    5. Remind them, over and over, to stay on topic! That is the biggest deduction.

    6. Remind them that they are all capable of succeeding, and that you expect nothing but success from them. You'd be surprised how many children don't realize that you EXPECT them to succeed.

    Good luck!

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