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    Aug 5, 2002

    I'm going to be teaching 5th grade for the first time this year, coming from Kdg. How do I discipline 10 yr olds? Time out? What have you found that works? Thanks!
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    Aug 5, 2002

    Fifth graders understand much more than 1st graders so implusive misbehavior is greatly reduced. These students are very interested in fairness. I usually set down the ground rules and basic consequences. I also as what they think would be fair. Their suggestions are ususally much harsher than anything we would think of. My favorite system is warning , name on board, consequence( usually includes isolation) The child then has to ask to return. If the behavior continues a loss of free time and a child written letter to be signed by parents. Of course all violence earns a trip to the adminstrator.
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    Aug 5, 2002

    It depends on the severity of misbehavior. All problems with other students require a conference, explanation of points of view, common understanding, and reconciliation (often with letters of apology). Refusal to acknowledge behavior results in students sent to an administrator.

    I am in a small school. Ordinary infractions merely require reminders, maybe discussions. Not turning in homework results in students staying in from recess until it is completed.
    I never post behavior problems on the board. I try to deal with them, then drop it. We really have no violence. Students must respect each other and all teachers. I expect 5th graders to be good role models for younger students and remind them of this. I praise them for the many, many ways in which they are growing more responsible and capable. They do love responsibility. This is a great age.

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