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    I am a new teacher to 4th grade language arts this year. I have learned a lot and am excited to try again next year with a new set of kids and with the things I learned this year.

    I want to do a lot more guided reading (levelled reading where I meet with groups and discuss previous days work etc). I am trying the system I want to try at the end of this year and it seems to be working well.

    For people that do guided reading, how many times a week do you do guided reading groups? I have hour and a half blocks. I was thinking perhaps doing guided reading 3 times a week. Lessons from the writing program for two 1 hour blocks per week. Then the rest would be language, whole group readings, vocabulary etc. Do you think that structure sounds okay for 4th grade. One of the things that I learned this year is that I need to have the students read much more independently instead of whole class readings.

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