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    Jan 27, 2009

    1. My parents changed my name when I was 3 days old.
    2. I wish my paycheck could truly support the way I would like to be addicted to shoes.
    3. I love to travel.
    4. I will read anything to keep from being bored. Even all the posters in the doctor's office.
    5. I lost my two front teeth when I was two years old.
    6. I am the one who winked first at my fiance on match.com.
    7. I would rather do dishes than cook the meal.
    8. I lived in Japan as an exchange student for a year when I was 16.
    9. I am deathly allergic to cigarette smoke.
    10. I hate any snake that might be poisonous.
    11. Any movie that has a snake as a evil character I have to watch until it dies even if the movie is horrible.
    12. I have eaten BBQ grasshoppers. Crunchy!
    13. I can not sleep with any kind of jewelry on.
    14. My clothes in my closet have to be organized by color, but my shoes are just in a giant pile.
    15. I can fiz just about anything around the house.
    16. I want to travel to the Galapagos Islands one day. I have a savings account that I put money into each month just for that trip.
    17. I HATE grading papers.
    18. I have no resistance to dumb jokes. I laugh at them all.
    19. My feet and hands are almost always cold.
    20. My favorite color is green.
    21. I just started playing golf this last summer.
    22. I want to learn how to make sushi.
    23. I wish I had the money to pay someone else to plan my wedding and reception.
    24. I originally started taking science classes because it was the only subject my father did not seem to know everthing.
    25. My favorite color is green.
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    Jan 28, 2009

    1. I have a secret love affair with any food that contains at least 20 grams of sugar and/or chocolate.

    2. My cell phone bill is way too high due to unlimiting texting/ internet access. Hey, you never know when your wireless might go out, and you need to google/wikipedia the hometown of Troy Aikman. . . along with his favorite food and hobbies. :p

    3. I'm only 24 and have hair growing in places I'd rather not share.

    4. My cat Max is THE coolest cat ever.:cool:

    5. Five is my favorite number. I'll esplain. . .
    My birthday is 5/5, which is Cinco de Mayo, and I took Spanish 5th period when I was 15 (eh, not 5 but has a 5 in it!). . . my softball number was 5. . . my first name has 5 letters. . . coincidence? I think not!:cool:

    6. I once pitched a no-hitter.:cool:

    7. I also once pitched a shut out. . . on a sprained ankle.:cool:

    8. There seems to be a pattern w/ this :cool: smiley. I think b/c I'm just too cool.:cool:

    9. Pedicures (and recently french manicures) are my guilty pleasure.

    10. I DO have favorite students, and I'm not ashamed of it.

    11. Right now there are clean clothes sitting on top of my dryer, on my bed, and in my laundry basket because, well frankly, I hate putting up laundry.

    12. Every once in a while I'll take time to doll up w/ my clothes/hair/make-up, take a trip to Barnes & Noble (or wherever) with specific hopes of running into a cute guy.:D

    13. Texting is one of my favorite past-times.

    14. Most of the time I have no issues with racist jokes coming from a comedian. I find them to be quite hilaaaarious 99% of the time. . . especially when being delivered by Carlos Mencia.

    15. I'm one of the least PC people you could meet. I believe sometimes people need to get over this sunshine-and-rainbows mentality and lighten up. Fo sho.

    16. I strive to be as witty as a buddy of mine from high school. He's pretty much the coolest guy anyone could ever meet.

    17. I was an extremely self-motivated student growing up. Once I freaked out about a semester exam. . . in 6th grade. . . so much that I started hyperventilating. My mom let me open a Christmas gift to calm me down.

    18. Speaking of hyperventilating, I almsot passed out during a softball game while on the mound. My coach carried me off the field to an awaiting popcorn bag in which I breathed a little too hard and too fast. The heat index was 112, by the way.

    19. I almost was fired about three years ago when I worked at Champps for sneaking to the back room and getting Jason Witten's autograph. I didn't give two sh*ts and was also cocky enough to know that my manager wouldn't fire me. I believed this because I was the best hostess they had, and I was right. She settled for writing me up. . . and not discounting the visors of which I got autographed. Oh bummer.:rolleyes:

    20. I haven't picked up Eclipse in almost a month. Sadly, one of my students has already surpassed me and is almost finished reading Breaking Dawn.

    21. I hate working out. I get soooo bored. Even the thought of gaining weight and *needing* to work out doesn't motivate me.

    22. In my mind, the alphabet, numbers, and states have colors. Don't ask why.

    23. Everyone has a "best" teacher, but I truly believe my physics teacher from HS is the absolute greatest teacher. Like EVER.:cool:

    24. When I was younger, every time my mom was younger, and I was riding in the passenger seat, I would flex my hip flexers every time we'd pass a light post.

    25. I never had ANY intention of becoming a teacher. I was sure architecture was in my future and thought I was a bad a$$ for keeping a notebook of floorplan drawings. Once I realized there was more to architecture than drawing houses with a twelve-inch ruler, I bailed.

    The end.:D
  3. ku_alum

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    Jan 28, 2009

    1. I don't answer my phone every time it rings (which makes my mother insane).

    2. I find it easier to connect with animals than with most adults.

    3. I've never coo'ed over a baby.

    4. I've never held a baby.

    5. My DH don't plan on having children.

    6. I love teaching HS seniors.

    7. I sometimes laugh outloud at something inappropriate my student said and then have to put on my teacher voice and scold the student "that is not appropriate classroom conversation" while I am still laughing on the inside.

    8. I can't believe I moved to this part of the state and don't have a horse (though my parents who live 5 miles away have dozens of horses).

    9. If I could have it my way everyday, I'd have a great day at school and have enough energy and daylight to load my boat, get in my truck, drive to the lake and fish until sundown.

    10. Even though I look very girlie, I am very much a tomboy.

    11. I am so crazy-nutz-o-in-love with my 2 dogs that I worry about my sanity.

    12. The first thought I had when I saw my DH for the first time was "I could like this guy."

    13. I knew by the end of our 3rd date that I would marry my DH.

    14. I've been with my DH for 4 years and he's never raised his voice to me.

    15. I've had 2 arguments in 4 years with my DH.

    16. I grew up in a home with parents that screamed at each other every single day.

    17. I love being a tech leader in my school.

    18. I don't have any regrets in life.

    19. I love the way my body looks and feels after doing yoga for just a few months.

    20. I like the taste of Alka Seltzer.

    21. My DH and I are the 2 funniest people I know.

    22. I'm glad I inherited my parent's artistic abilities.

    23. I'm glad we got 2 days out of school due to ice, but I want to be back in the classroom.

    24. I wish I had more time to work on my photography.

    25. I wish hats would come back in style for men.
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    Jan 28, 2009

  5. ku_alum

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    Jan 28, 2009

    TeacherSandra ... I didn't make a conscience decision to find a man that didn't yell/scream. But, I did recognize his calmness and reserve and lack of drama and found it very attractive. So, yes, in some way, I guess I did choose him for his non-scream-iness. :) As for not arguing, he just doesn't participate (except the 2 times). He's taught me to not argue because I know he won't participate. Discussions we can handle just fine.

    When you grow up in a house that is always on the verge of turmoil, you learn to walk on egg shells ... you don't want to set anyone/anything off. It was a lousy way to grow up. But, I still knew my parents loved me (and each other in some dumb way ... they are divorced now). I've never had the feeling of walking on eggshells with DH, that is SO nice.

    As for arguing in front of your son ... you know you shouldn't do it. I suggest checking in with him and making sure he really understands that it isn't his fault (I know that sounds lame, but even as a 17-year-old I remember thinking "If it wasn't for me my parents would be apart and potentially happy.")
  6. Hoot Owl

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    Jan 28, 2009

    This sounds like it has the potential for a great novel and movie. I can't begin to imagine how hard of a time this must have been in your life.

    You've come out on top, bravo!!!
  7. TeacherSandra

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    Jan 28, 2009

    Sometimes we do the dumbest things...like argue in front of our kids; in this instance, my son...so DUMB! I know it and it's just piddly stupid stuff too! UGH; I don't know why, but I am really going to have to try to keep my lip zipped because after all...it takes two to argue.
    Thanks Ku. :hugs:
    And I need to add...my husband is a good man! :love:
  8. HMM

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    Jan 5, 2010


    Anyone else want to add?
  9. newbie87

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    Jan 5, 2010

    1) Despite not being Asian, I often get asked if I'm Japanese.
    2) Blue is my favorite color.
    3) I only like scrambled eggs. (I don't like my eggs made another other way. Tastes gross to me.)
    4) I have three small dogs.
    5) For a long time, I wanted to be Mortician but everyone treated me weird when I said that. So, I decided not to.
    6) I know how to belly dance.
    7) I've dated three guys named Michael. Two guys I've dated had names that began with R. Two guys I dated had the exact same names as my grandfathers, but one of my grandfathers has a common name (and no it's not Michael).
    8) From fourth grade until my sophmore year of college, I wore jeans every day. Now, three years later, I wouldn't wear jeans unless you paid me a million dollars. I find them uncomfy.
    9) I've owned three different blackberries.
    10) I love make up.
    12) I like eating chef boyardee.
    13) I make up random songs about things or what I'm doing. (they get stuck in my head :( )
    14) Cup noodles is like my favorite lunch. Unlike most foods, I don't like eating it early and I don't like eating it late. If it's not eaten during lunch, I save it for the next day.
    15) I like to eat foods cold.
    16) I speak Arabic.
    17) I'm an only child
    18) I love sushi.
    19) I love coffee (But hate starbuck. It's not some pc reason, I just don't like their coffee's flavor(s) at all).
    20) I don't like taking baths.
    21) Despite not wanting to like it, I love True Blood.
    22) I find men with blonde hair sexy. (I'm looking at you, Erik.)
    23) I love kids and want them someday, but I know I'll be dissappointed if I never have a daugther.
    24) I want a fur coat. It gets cold where I live.
    25) I love reading Jane Austen books.

    (It was hard writing 25 different things. I tried not to do too many food related. TBH, I'm a picky eater and it took up half my list. lol)
  10. stephenpe

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    Jan 5, 2010

    1. I have kids that range in age from 2-25
    2. I have been to 6 different bowl games.
    3. I earned 9 letters in varsity sports in HS.
    4. I visit with my very first two girlfriends each year when
    they come back to town. Usually have dinner.
    5. My mom could have won Jeopardy for a week.
    6. I like towels dried on the line.
    7. I make fresh squeezed OJ by the gallon (have one now)
    8. I have probably taught over 100 children whose kids I then taught
    9. I had a long dinner and evening (he taught my kid chess) with William Windom (actor that played the other attorny against Gregory Peck in "To Kill a MockingBird"
    10. I have been to the west coast, most southern states many northern states, all over Europe but never to New York City
    (and my 5 year old is fascinated by NYC)
    11. I have probably hosted more JRFH events in my 31 years of teaching than any other PE teacher in the US. (Im on #35 because I now do two schools)
  11. Ms. I

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    Jan 5, 2010

    1. I'm an only child.

    2. I have a 4 yr old purebreed Boston Terrier.

    3. I love modern, contemporary style decor, clothing, cars, etc.

    4. I'm 5'3".

    5. I'm a special educator & a soon-to-be speech-language pathologist.

    6. I love pizza & Chinese food.

    7. My favorite colors are blue & purple.

    8. I'm going to my dream destination, London & Paris for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    9. I have a 2009 Nissan Rogue Crossover SUV in indigo blue.

    10. I attended (2) private schools from K- 7th grades.

    11. 9th grade was the first time I ever took a school bus.

    12. I'm a girly-girl & love clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, handbags, & sunglasses.

    13. I'm a huge tennis fan.

    14. I'm a real couch potato.

    15. I'm a big night owl.

    16. I'm biracial.

    17. I love going to live theatrical performances (musicals, plays, ballet, pro tennis matches, ice shows, illusion shows, etc.)

    18. The last trip I took was to San Fransisco for a few days.

    19. I took Spanish classes from kindergarten to college.

    20. I took piano lessons from ages 7 - 17.

    21. I subscribe to about 15 magazines...some I got for free.

    22. I'd love to go on a shopping spree where I could spend at least $1000 on clothing, shoes, etc.

    23. In 5 yrs, I hope to be married, be an SLP, own my own home, & just enjoy life & travel.

    24. I'd say my favorite TV show is the original Melrose Place.

    25. I love my boyfriend very dearly.
  12. howdyaggie12

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    Jan 5, 2010

    1. I think zesty dill pickle spears are amazing.

    2. I have been zip-lining in Costa Rica.

    3. I could do some serious damage at Hobby Lobby if I had enough money to blow.

    4. Coca-Cola is my vice.

    5. I'm a girl who hates chick flicks.

    6. I love rock music with the majority being 90's grunge Seattle bands and classic rock.

    7. I love Tyler Candle Company.

    8. Anything below 65 is too cold for me.

    9. My dream car is a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang.

    10. I am the first in my family to go to college and I'm graduating from my dream school: Texas A&M. It was the only university I applied to.

    11. I think Eddie Vedder is amazing.

    12. My dream job would to be an astronaut.

    13. I have a fear of falling. So I don't do roller coasters. Which is probably why NASA would never send me in space.

    14. I enjoy all sports except soccer, tennis, and hockey.

    15. I'm excited about college baseball starting next month.

    16. I want to have an outer space themed classroom.

    17. When I go to the library I only check out the nonfiction section.

    18. My career goal is to be a school psychologist.

    19. My favorite color is maroon.

    20. My second favorite color is navy blue.

    21. I was born on August 12. It is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. I favorite thing to do on my birthday is stargaze.

    22. Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and 311 are all on my concert bucket list.

    23. I am a lyrical junkie. I analyze songs all the time.

    24. I was a freshman orientation leader and gave walking campus tours in 100+ degree weather to groups of 20-30 people.

    25. I can't swim.
  13. Rebecca1122

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    Jan 6, 2010

    I love reading and doing these things!

    1. I am a senior in college. And no, I'm not graduating this year.
    2. Part of the reason why it is going to take me 5 years to graduate is I decided to add a second minor (child development) my junior year so I will be qualified to teach preschool.
    3. I have worked at a private preschool for the past two summers, and loved the kids so much that I decided to get certified to be able to teach that age group. Plus I think there is a lack of quality early childhood education and eventually I might want to open my own preschool.
    4. I have been dating my boyfriend for over three years. He was/is my first and only boyfriend and we met welcome weekend my freshman year of college and started dating three months later. I hope to be engaged to him soon : )
    5. I LOVE chocolate. Seriously. Could never eat enough.
    6. I have a black cat that plays fetch.
    7. I do not like beer at all.
    8. I never ever wore jeans in elementary school, or most of middle school. I thought they were uncomfortable. Now I live in jeans.
    9. I can't wait to have a teaching job so I will have an excuse to buy cute professional clothes because right now I don't have anywhere to be dressed up for.
    10. I don't have a washer and dryer in my apartment and I haaate it.
    11. I am the oldest of 16 grandchildren on my mom's side. I am also close with my second and third cousins, which my roommate thinks is strange since she doesn't even know hers.
    12. I am going to London this summer to do my midtier teaching experience (30 hours in the classroom). So excited!
    13. I hate when education students are apathetic about learning and not interested getting involved with professional development organizations and things like that.
    14. I am cold most of the time.
    15. I am pretty tall for a girl (5'9"). I wish I was shorter because I love the look of high heels but don't like wearing them because I tower over everyone.
    16. My younger sister and I are polar opposites.
    17. I love reading and always have. I am always reading something, and I hate not having time to read for pleasure when the semester gets busy.
    18. I will be moving apartments three times in the next 12 months.
    19. I have worked as sales person at a horse tack store, a desk receptionist in my dorm, assistant preschool teacher, lesson plan writer for a preschool, substitute teacher and will start a nanny job next week.
    20. I don't like one food to touch other food on the plate. This becomes a problem at Thanksgiving.
    21. I am young (just turned 21), especially compared to my classmates. But I also think I am a pretty mature for my age.
    22. i am one of those people that doesn't have to study or try very hard to get good grades. But I do because I like school and am somewhat of a perfectionist.
    23. I hope I get the opportunity to teach many different grades and in another country.
    24. My school is playing in a bowl game today : )
    25. Speaking of the above, I am learning to like football. I went to every football game all four years of high school (not by choice, was in color guard) and never really paid attention or got into the games. But my boyfriend is teaching me and I can actually enjoy watching a football game now!
  14. Hartlepool

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    Jan 6, 2010

    1.My love :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:
    25.Hartlepool United:thumb:
  15. mandagap06

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    Jan 8, 2010

    You sound like someone I would get along with great! You sound like someone I would be friends with. I love Chocolate, I am majoring in child development with hopes of teaching preschool one day, I am subbing now along with working retail,my fav. football team and the one from the state I am in played in a bowl game(wonder if its the same team ;)) LOL!!(for privicy I won't say and you don't have too). London Sounds awesome have a complete blast!! :)
  16. Rebecca1122

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    Jan 8, 2010

    Haha...well if your team is from somewhere in the South as you are, then it's not mine! But we might have played against them lol!

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