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    I have 2 different students in my 1/2 split class and need advice. One little girl is in 2nd grade and she reads at grade level. She does well in math, answers questions correctly in discussing the reading, and seems fine. But when I give her the reading comprehension test at the end of the week she bombs it...even more than my low readers who I read the test to. I even read the test to her and it didn't make a difference. Throughout the week when we were discussing the selection I focused on her to make sure she knew the answers, and she did. Now she has lowered her math test score by just not answering a few questions that I know she knows. Socially she is not very well liked because she tends to be mean, a bully, and one who divides kids...starts things. I don't know if she really needs help in the reading comprehension, or just wants attention from me. How would you handle it if she just wants attention? At one point I made her stay in from recess, had her listen to the story on tape, and made her correct her answers allowing her to use the book. She rose her grade to a B+, but I only allowed it to be a C- because it was a redo. She didn't do any better on her next test, maybe I encouraged her with all the attention. :confused:

    I have another student who will not write the answers on tests. He is a low reader, and writes during dictation....but refuses on the test. Should I have him write the answers with a buddy who shows him how to spell words, or a buddy write and he says the answer?

    I would appreciate any suggestions.


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