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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by PenCelia, Sep 7, 2015.

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    Last Thursday I interviewed for a part time reading position. It is 2 days and takes me an hour to get there and pay is 13.50. I haven't heard anything back from the school but I know the vice-principal wasn't going to be there on Friday. The reading specialist showed me the room they work in and introduced me to other staff. Not sure if that is a good indication. The interview wasn't that long and I didn't discuss my experience as a teacher since this was a reading position.

    Friday I then get a call from a principal in a closer district (20 minutes) left me a message on Friday that they wanted me to come in for an interview on Wed. The rate of pay is 18.00 an hour with 27.5.

    What do I do if school one offers me the job before I interview with the other school? I should have asked at my first interview what are the chances of climbing up the ladder in their school district. I know this district has a good rep for paying teachers. I guess I would see that job as a foot in the door.

    I also want to say how helpful this forum is. I can relate to some of the people on this forum. I think there was a guidance consoler who moved for a job to a different state and quit that job so she could go back home and struggled to get a job. I did the same thing. I moved to a new place site unseen. After 2 years I just wanted to move him to be near my family. The more interviews I go to the more confidence I loose. Now I've been out of the teaching job for many years. I know I might not be the greatest in an interview but put me in the classroom and they would see my interactions with my students.
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    If you get an offer from the 1st one, tell them you need a little time to consider. Then after the interview of the next, let them know shortly after the interview that that school is your 1st choice but another offer is on the table. Good luck!

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