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    I'm currently teaching my first year at a low income school with some really unique kids. They're across the spectrum in ability but very worldly knowledgeable due to their overexposure to things they're way too young to need to know. I'm struggling with blurting in the classroom big time (especially things that are completely inappropriate) and I was wondering if anyone had any strategies that they've tried that work?

    I'm also looking for some tips on Read-aloud books that can be positive influences on them becoming their own people and being strong and courageous even when it's tough.

    Anything would help! Thanks!!

    SL :)
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    Hello Superlily. I am a second year teacher that moved from teaching 3rd grade last year, to teaching 6th grade math at an at risk middle school with a 97% Hispanic/ELL population. I also deal with blurting out within my room and have tried many things. It is often for attention because they may have to fight for attention in the same way at home. Some kids from low SES backgrounds simply do not come to school with the social skills we expect them to. Is it just a few kids that are blurting out, or is it rampant in the room? I started out having quick private conferences with the students who were showing this behavior. Make sure the discussion is VERY private because they are looking for attention from their peers. Let them know exactly what they did and that it was unacceptable. Let them know that there will be a consequence for their action and then walk away. It is a very Love and Logic approach...not sure if you read it. If they do it again...and they will...they need to experience a consequence. Perhaps it is moving them in the room where they have no interaction with other students...I WISH my room was big enough for that! Whatever it is, think...low attention. Just try to be consistent and don't let them see that it bothers you. If it is the whole class, you need to have a class discussion about the behavior, set the tone that it is not appropriate, practice the correct procedures for your situation and then tie a positive reward to the correct behavior. Nothing tangible, think points towards an activity that the class would like to do, like math games. Hope that helps. It is a struggle with an urban population. They are used to acting out and being yelled at. That is what love is to them. Over time, you have to show them something different. Fairness, and consistency. Hope that helped a little!

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