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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by ktmiller222, May 3, 2016.

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    I haven't posted on here in months since I finally got a teaching job after 5 years of searching for one since moving back home from another state where I taught for 2 years. Although this new teaching job has had more good days than bad, the administration sucks 1000000%. They don't care about any staff members, they are just concerned with keeping the numbers (number of kids) no matter what behaviors happened (been attacked,students been attacked) and none of the kids are disciplined because of it because they don't want to ruin their image.
    My fellow teachers are awesome...I love them! We joke a lot about the crap that goes on which keeps us sane. As long as the budget is okay, I should be able to get this job next school year....which I'm okay with for now.
    Now with this being said, I know 100% that I don't want to be in this district for 30 years. I'm even considering updating my online accounts/resumes and applying to jobs over the summer. Do you think this is bad? Also, when the question is being asked (I've seen it on one online account for a job) "Why do you want to leave your current district?", what is the appropriate answer for it? Does it look bad to other districts if they see you applying to their districts even though you currently work in one? Sorry if I sound confusing but any info/advice would be great!
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    No, it doesn't look bad. If your district is really as bad as you say, it should have that reputation and while you should stay positive in your interview/application questions, a good district will recognize this. I would find some other reason to give as to why you are applying, and focus on the positives of the district you want to be in, rather than saying anything negative about your current district. Showing that you have a positive attitude despite a difficult situation will speak volumes!
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