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    Feb 12, 1990 (Age: 29)
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    Website design and web design
    Today, we've compared you to website design and online shopping to make the difference for you, as many business executives get confused when ordering a website or online store and don't know what to aim for. Which one should they choose themselves. Here are some useful tips on website design and web design to help guide you through web design and web design.

    Online store design

    Web design
    1) Overview of Website Design:
    Website design and web design in different languages and with different management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, NewCo, etc. is being done worldwide, of which WordPress has been ranked first.

    2) Site Design Steps:
    As described in the previous steps for website design and web design, professional and standard site design begins with a consulting and feature selection session between site designers and the client, and until the next steps in graphic design, programming Site static and dynamic, site trial and error testing, and site support and training.

    3) Site Design Purposes:
    Website design in a variety of areas is designed to introduce businesses, services, user training, increase revenue and earn more money, and ultimately manage the second branch of your business that site design for users in a variety of areas. To be.

    4) Site Design Areas:
    Website Design and Online Store Design in areas such as corporate site design, office site design, corporate site design, government site design, sports site design, news site design, news site design, artistic site design, training site design, advertising site design, commercial site design And… done today is one of the most important and profitable type of website design, the design of the web store that we will explain below.

    Website Design
    The design of the site and the design of the online store are different than other conventional sites. Since in the design of the online store the main purpose of the users is to buy from the online store so the online stores should have a more user friendly and secure environment than the sites, since the purchase of the sites requires the complete confidence of the users. Online store services. When ordering your online store design, consider the minimum requirements for your online store design so that you won't have trouble managing your customers after placing your products in the store.

    Online store design

    Most important features of online stores:
    Infinite product definition in simple or variable form
    Classify and label products to create easy access routes
    Index image upload, image gallery, product side information, technical specifications
    Definition of different products and different choices for each product that will affect its price, such as color, size, etc.
    Product pricing and discounts on each product individually and periodically
    View best-selling products, special products, special offers, discounted products
    Display related products automatically or by selecting admin
    Displaying complementary products during the product purchasing process, for example when buying a sportswear, other products such as shoes and socks are recommended.
    Easy Membership to the Site
    View and select products to add to or remove from your cart
    Choose from a variety of payment methods including card to card, online payment and on-site payment
    Select a variety of shipping methods including, post, on-site delivery and courier
    View and track purchases made on the site
    Use discount coupons provided by the site when shopping
    Add products to your wishlist to purchase it for future reference
    Submit feedback and rating to each product (comments from people who bought the product will be clear)
    Search products by name and defined categories
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    Store features and admin panel
    Ability to manage product shipping methods
    Ability to tax on products including fixed amount or value added
    Ability to report by different methods: reporting product type, category, timeframe, sales, discounts, etc.
    Manage inventory and disable purchases for finished goods
    Warning and email to site administrator if any goods expire
    Display reports as graphs
    View the latest orders registered in the admin area with the option to change the order status
    Customer note record capability
    Ability to manage and define discount coupons such as discount percentages, discount rates, free shipping on terms such as minimum customer purchases, specific timescales and occasions, specific product categories or generic codes with limitations on usage, number, users , history and …
    Banking Payment Management System
    View the latest orders registered in the admin area with the option to change the order status
    Customer note record capability

    Additional features of the online store system
    Keep in mind that the features of the online stores can be customized depending on the needs of the customers and are not the same for all individuals and purposes.

    Quick Search (Ajax)
    In this system, the user quickly receives a relevant list of products by entering his / her phrase without changing the page. Working with this system is very fast and increases the satisfaction

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