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Old 02-18-2005, 09:25 PM
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2 year old center/circle time ideas

I have only worked with 4 year olds. The other day, I had to sub in a 2 year old class. Oh my goodness! For starters the teacher is fairly new and the room was in utter chaos. And with me being use to fours I was like a fish out of water myself.

Could someone direct me to some good websites for 2 year olds circle time and center ideas? I may be having to sub in there again and I would like to be able to help the teacher out, because I believe she is desperately searching for some help and ideas herself.


Old 02-18-2005, 09:31 PM
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I am sure that someone can offer more information than me, because I work with 4 and 5 year olds. However, we have a very good 2 year old class where I work and from what I have gathered and observed, they do run around all day and create havoc. So, the teachers have brought in large refrigerator boxes(once in awhile) and let them run in and out of that like a little house. They have soft mats on the floor for them to tumble on, and a few riding toys. The children at that age are mainly focused on large motor activities so provide them ways to rumble and tumble without getting hurt. ...soft balls and blocks and little carriages to push around with dolls in ...good luck! oh, they like those collapsable tunnels to crawl through!
Old 02-21-2005, 12:54 PM
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I have older 2's and early 3's. However, when I first got them they were all two years old. I actually do many things with them as people would a 4 year old. I like to challenge my kids a lot. In challenging them I have noticed that it cuts down on the chaos drastically. Of course, you can't change the nature of a two year old, but you can certainly challenge their brains. I do 3 planned learning centers with them a day and they all take turns in the morning and rotate in groups. You probably have a much larger group so I would plan more centers so there are not too many in a group. Try to make them as independant as possible. My kids love sensory (rice, noodles, dirt, etc.). They also love practicing cutting over a cutting bin.
Old 02-21-2005, 01:31 PM
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Circle games.... Tapes with songs.. Ring Around the Rosy. Ring around the rosy, Pocket full of posies, Ashes Ashes we all fall down. (join hands circle to the left, then all fall down. ---tiptoe around the rosy, jump around the rosy --circle to the left sometimes.........I'm a Little Tea Pot, short and stout (stand up) here is my handle, (Put hand on hip) Here is my spout (Hold other arm out) When I get all steamed up, hear me shout, "Tip me over and pour me out" (Bend at the waist as if pouring).....Here is the beehive. (hold up a fist) Where are the bees? (Look at your fist) Hiding inside where no one can see. (shake your head) Here they come, out of their hive. One, two, three, four, five Buzzz (open your fist, one finger, at a time) They love finger plays. Mulberry Bush... Puppet plays.(Gingerbread Man, Three Pigs, Tell nursery rhymes. Do you need more. These are ones I taught my children years ago. I work with older students. London Bridge... Send me an e-mail. Petunia

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