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Old 10-07-2008, 08:31 PM
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RSP Classroom management HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I am long term subbing in a RSP K-5 and so is the substitute para a long term sub!

Two groups are wonderful!

The other two almost had me in tears today!

here is their behavior

The 4th grade intervention group refused to do anything. They told me they will not listen because I am a substitute teacher. One student told me she wanted to kill herself after I followed the classroom management program. They do bank books I deducted $2.00 from it and she was upset. I started a higher rate of reinforcement to see if that would work. I brought down a few games that are reinforcing to play.

The fifth grade group knows I do not speak spanish so they come in and do not listen to anything. At one point I walked over and told them I would call the principle and that got them to follow along for the last five minutes. I give them money for the bank books. They give it back to me and tell me they are paying in advance for not behaving! Any advice help??? Behavior is getting worse each day. I have not been able to get much accomplished. They talk in spanish the whole time. All I here is your a sub. I tried to have something for them to do as they walk in the door but they are refusing to do it!!!

I've been told that I would get a new position opening up at the school. To tell the truth I am ready to quit almost walked out in tears today!

It has been a disaster those two groups If the principle saw it that out of control I'm afraid

THANKS !!!!!
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Old 10-08-2008, 05:36 AM
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Because this is meant to be a long-term position (or at least potentially so) I would make an appointment to speak with the principal and ask what kind of support they are willing to provide you. Tell him or her what you would like to do to resolve this quickly - maybe send a few students to his or her office quickly and decisively in the hope that this will stop the behavior.

My opinion is this: If I can not count on the support of the administration I can not offer them my substitute services. This is not your fault. The school culture where you are is apparently one of disrespect for subs and the students know and feel this. Kids are perceptive and observant/nosey. They overhear things, they can tell how others in the building feel about you.

Ask for what you need. If it is not provided - immediately walk away. There are other districts, other opportunities, other places you can go where you will feel supported and appreciated. I know. I am fortunate enough to work in such a district. Do not put up with this poor behavior - and if you can not get support from the administration - do not put up with that either. You are BETTER than that...

hang tight - chin up... ask for what you need...
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Old 10-12-2008, 05:11 AM
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I'm also in the middle of a long-term assignment. The first thing I did was change the seating chart to separate the talkers. That was somewhat effective. Now I'm starting to send students to the office to put some more fear in them. Detention slips work sometimes, but there are some kids who get them weekly, so it doesn't work.

I'm subbing for 8th grade history till the end of December. I also went to talk to 7th grade history teacher who had all these kids last year. She told me they were the worst class in her whole teaching experience - that info helped a lot . This teacher did tell me that she had to have a lot more structure for that group of kids, so I'm modifying my lesson plans and will be giving them very little independent work, since that's when things tend to get out of hand.

I'm a history major, so I enjoy the subject and try to make my lesson interesting and engaging. Sometimes kids just don't care about the subject I teach and they don't care if they are getting an "F" in the class. I can only motivate them so much, but they have to take responsibility for what they do.

I also do a lot of praying - God knows I need help!

Good luck! How long is your assignment?
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Old 10-12-2008, 08:42 AM
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some where out there
Special Education Teacher
My assignment kind of undertermined because the teacher has cancer and so it is seeing how she does. I have been there three weeks now.

There is suppose to be a new class forming on campus so I am suppose to get a full time job out of this!!! My understanding is they are going to get another substitute for the RSP position and I am to take over the SDC class.

The SDC is splitting in half it is now K-5 and I am suppose to get the K-2 class. Nothing is ever certain until there is a contract!

I like the little ones better. . .
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Old 10-12-2008, 11:08 AM
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I've been a sub for quite a while & have subbed many RSP & LSH (speech, language, & hearing) classes in my day. I've never had kids this badly behaved. On top of that, you're para is new too, so she knows about the routine & kids as much as you, so that makes it really tough. 4th & 5th graders have that smart ass attitude, that's why if it were up to me, I wouldn't want to work w/ kids older than the 3rd gr.

Normally, I'd stay away from SDC classes, which I've taught before too, but since your RSP kids are that bad, I might take a chance on the SDC class. They probably won't be behaving any worse.

Well, hang in there & just do your best. Hopefully, you have an understanding & compassionate principal. And I hope you like your permanent position much better!
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