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Old 04-20-2008, 09:39 AM
chuckie chuckie is offline
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2nd/3rd Grade - Special Ed
Screening Interview - What to expect?

I'm just starting the job search and I am going in next week for a screening interview with the school district's HR. Has anyone done these? I know it's different than a hiring interview with a principal, but I was wondering what types of questions I should be prepared for at a screening interview.

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Old 04-20-2008, 10:19 AM
athomp athomp is offline
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I've been on a few of these. It's usually about 8 to 10 "canned" questions about your personality and style of teaching. On almost every screening interview I've been on they will ask you to tell a little about yourself, why you became a teacher...they will also usually ask about how you handle classroom management issues, how will you teach to the standards, what would it look like if they were to walk into your classroom and what would they see, and how will you reach all students/students with diverse needs, etc.

If the HR person likes what he/she hears, then you'll get referred to a principal for another interview and they will ask similar questions.

That's usually how it works, or at least the one's I've been on. The principals are usually the one's the hire you, not HR.
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Old 04-20-2008, 10:28 AM
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Whatever my boss asks to me do
It's a brief getting-to-know you thing. They will ask more general questions. usually, they tell you the next step of the process when they are done.
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Old 04-20-2008, 11:32 AM
MissFrizzle MissFrizzle is offline
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Yes, I agree with the previous poster. I wish all interviews were like this.. It's fairly informal and friendly.
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Old 04-20-2008, 12:49 PM
chuckie chuckie is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 46
2nd/3rd Grade - Special Ed
Thanks for the information. I'm very nervous because I graduated college 15 years ago. I decided not to pursue teaching at that point and stayed home to raise my children and then opened my own small computer business that I had for 4 years.

After taking two Praxis exams and two grad courses I was able to reinstate my certification but am concerned that I am out of practice and very far from my student teaching experiences at this point. I'm worried about being able to answer these questions in an intelligent fashion.

Anyone else in this situation?

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Old 04-21-2008, 01:34 PM
teachermommy teachermommy is offline
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Special Education Teacher
I have a screening interview in an hour!!!

I taught for 2 years then had my family. I took courses and kept my certification active. I did little part time teaching in preschools and early intervention (I am SPED) to not be totally out of teaching altogether. Now that I am ready to go full time again, I have been subbing. I got a long term sub job (a maternity leave). This helped get me back into teaching and the lingo. It just finished 2 weeks ago.

I also bought Adam Waxlers ebook. It helped so much. He is very knowledgeable. It had all the information I needed to feel a bit more confident again.

Wish me luck on my screening interview! I am so nervous.
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Old 04-21-2008, 01:40 PM
jw13's Avatar
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Inclusion Aide
Good Luck! teachermommy!
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Old 04-21-2008, 03:17 PM
teachermommy teachermommy is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
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Special Education Teacher
just got back

The screening interview was 15 minutes. it was 6 questions. It was a form where he filled out some of my answers and then there was a checklist which he completes after I leave. (I saw him completing it with the person before me). It has 4 boxes for Knowledgeable, semi knowledgeable etc... You want all of the Knowledgeable ones!!!

Here are my questions

Why did you go into teaching?
Tell me about a lesson and how you planned it.
Tell me about a difficult situation and how did you handle it.
What do you use in your classroom to facilitate learning?

That is all I remember. The questions all blended into each other.

I am concerned bec he is a special person, but not elem. My answers were based on elem. SPED. There are only 2 elem. SPED positions. He said I'd hear by mid to the end of May.
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Old 04-21-2008, 03:21 PM
smalltowngal's Avatar
smalltowngal smalltowngal is offline
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Crossing fingers and toes, teachermommy!
'It is today we must create the world of the future.' Eleanor Roosevelt
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Old 02-21-2010, 06:24 PM
Teacher'sApple Teacher'sApple is offline
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What to Expect--Screening Interview

I just finished a screening interview and was asked several questions, including:
1) Tell us about your teaching experiences and work with children.
2) Tell us how you use technology in your teaching.
3) Tell us the ways you communicate with parents.
4) Tell us about a significant teaching moment and why it was significant.
5) Describe your management style.
6) How do you meet the needs of special learners--such as students with IEP's and English language learners?
7) Describe the relationship between your planning and assessments.
8) How do you know what to teach/get started teaching?

The screening interview is an actual interview. Think through your experiences and you will be prepared.
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