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Old 10-17-2007, 09:21 PM
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Fall Festival Ideas

We are not able to celebrate halloween on Oct. 31st; however, we are having a "Fall Festival." Each teacher is doing an activity for the festival, and each class will be going around doing these activities. It is my first year teaching (not to mention Pre-K), and I just wanted to see about getting some ideas. Some of the other activities include face painting, making pumpkins and painting them, bean bag toss..things like that. Any cool ideas? Thanks.
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Old 10-17-2007, 09:30 PM
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how about leaf printing. the kids can roll paint on leaves and make prints in them.
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Old 10-17-2007, 09:49 PM
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What about bowling. Take 2 liter soda bottles and put in some orange paint. Put the top on and shake, shake shake until the inside is covered. Use a permanent marker to draw on faces. Just use balls you have or decorate balls in a harvest theme.
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Old 10-18-2007, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by scmom View Post
What about bowling. Take 2 liter soda bottles and put in some orange paint. Put the top on and shake, shake shake until the inside is covered. Use a permanent marker to draw on faces. Just use balls you have or decorate balls in a harvest theme.
Or you could use small pumpkins for the balls for Pumpkin Bowling
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Old 10-18-2007, 02:56 PM
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Owww, one of my favorite topics!! We are a church preschool and we actually have Scarecrow Day this next Thursday, the 25th. All the kids & teachers dress like scarecrows! Typically we do our own thing in our room, but I've organized a rotating classroom thing just like you're doing. (We did it last spring for our farm animal unit and it was SUCH a hit!)

We have 2 sets of classrooms in separate buildings. So our 6 class upstairs will rotate classrooms and the other 4 classrooms in another building will do the same kinda thing.

We ordered a bunch of "junk" from Oriental Trading so that each teacher will pass out a "goodie". The kids will all have a paper bag witha pumpkin die cut on them with their name.

The kids will spend 15 minutes in each room. We have about 5 minutes time to get to the next room where we're going. Then we'll have about 35 minutes at the end of our half day program to return to our own classroom and have our festive snacks!

Class 1: Story & Songs room. She is reading a fun scarecrow story and then they're doing a song & fingerplay.

Class 2: They are using fall color beads to string on pipe cleaners for bracelets. With extra time they will learn another finger play.

Class 3: They are doing the limbo with a string of silk/plastic leaves or pumpkins. (Don't know which she decided to use) Then they are going to play "Scarecrow Scarecrow Where's Your hat?" Just like Doggie, Doggie, Where's your bone. They'll play with a mini plastic hat

Class 4: They are making a scarecrow mask. It's a paper plate glued onto a craft stick. They'll attach a paper hat, fabric patches to the hat, yarn for hair, decorate the face.

Class 5: Games - Pin the Face on the pumpkin & bowling (as described above)

Class 6: Games - That's me. I've got a plastic tub (Walmart $4) that is going to have water in it. I have orange ping pong balls that I wrote #s & letters on. They will use a small (pet size) fish net to scoop the balls out and dump them into another small tub. They'll identify the # or letter. Then we're doing a bean bag toss. I bought 3 plastic buckets @ Kmart this week (on sale for $.50) and made bean bags last night. I bought 1/4 yard of fabric @ Walmart (it has pumpkins & was $1.50) and sewed the bean bags, actually stuffed them with beans I already had. I may do a 3rd game too. I'm thinking of either another pin the ____ on the scarecrow, toss the hoola hoop over the scarecrow(I bought this little "kid" dressed like a scarecrow decoration @ Kmart for $12.00) or fall bingo. I have a bingo game that another teacher made and gave me. It's large paper pumpkins, a bingo board drawn on it. Then it has fall like stickers on the spaces. She made "caller cards" with the same stickers. The kids typically use candy corn as "markers" for the game & then eat them. BUT, I have a serious food allergy so I need to grab something else fun to use!

Have fun, fun, fun!! The kids LOVE stuff like this! They'll love getting to know the other teachers a little bit and the other teachers will enjoy getting to know them. I loved it last year after we'd done this and the kids would all yell hi to me in the hall because they KNEW me then. Funny!!

Oh and face painting is a great one, we thought of that. We'd already done it last week at our pumpkin patch though, so skipped it.

Fishing is also fun! You can paint a water scene on a piece of plywood super easy. Then make fishing poles with dowel rods, yarn and clothes pins. They fish over the board and someone clips the fish (we used small packs of goldfish crackers) onto the fishing pole.
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