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Old 05-31-2007, 08:17 AM
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What do you do with a 5th grader who can't read?

HELP!!! I'm currently a 1st grade teacher but am preparing for an interview for a 5th grade position and I'm aware that one of their questions will be: What do you do with a 5th grader who can't read? I'm stuck! What exactly DO you do? Other than work one on one, provide additional supportive materials, etc! HELP!

Old 05-31-2007, 09:48 AM
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I would have a conference with the parents about getting the child some outside tutoring. I know that's not what you're after, but there it is. Without help to get the child to a functional reading level, I'm not sure there's much a classroom teacher can do alone.

That said, when I tutor students who "can't read" I usually encounter older students reading at a first or second grade level. Is this what you mean or are they truely illiterate? When I tutor these children we start off with phoneme flash cards and simple vocabulary activities. I also have them read to me at their readability level from some sort of high interest/low readability materials. Could be leveled readers from our reading series, newpaper comics, some of those DK eyewitness books (boys love these), or whatever. I have to get them reading something that interests them. I will also sometimes read to/with them until they feel more confident. I make a routine of flash cards, vocabulary excercise, reading. The first two for about 10-15 minutes each, reading the rest of the time. The combo seems to really help them along. I also make a big deal to the parents that the child MUST do at least 15 minutes of pleasure reading at home, preferably aloud so the parents can help them along.
Old 05-31-2007, 12:48 PM
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runsw/scissors raises a good point: first you have to figure out what's meant by "can't read".

A procedural point, lehcar1021: A to Z discourages multiple posts, because then the answer gets spread all over the place. To track new posts, in fact, once you've signed in, use the links under your name in the upper right hand corner of the Web page - "All Posts" will let you track everything that's been posted since you were last on.
Old 06-14-2007, 02:40 PM
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There are two types of I can't read that I would address: can't read at all (doesn't know phonics etc.) and comprehends very little but can read the words.

some ideas:
--differentiation of whole class (small reading groups). including child in the lower level group and also providing individual time.
--seek out reading programs if not available to supplement other instruction (i.e. hooked on phonics)
--utlize technology to supplement instruction (i.e. audio books, unitetd streaming.com, etc.)
--attend to emotional needs of child (i.e. prepare him ahead of time for a class discussion of book so s/he can participate)
--include whole class in phonemic awareness activities that will help everyone.
--differentiate other subjects too
--peer tutor, partner with another student, etc.
Old 06-14-2007, 03:12 PM
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I would record some books that he could read and follow along. You can't listen to practice reading all day.

You will need to read all directions to the class as a group. This won't single him out.
Old 06-14-2007, 05:54 PM
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Check out All Kinds of Minds website. Wonderful stuff. Mel Levine is so insightful. It doesn't cost, so sign up.
Old 06-14-2007, 05:54 PM
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Kindergarten Teacher

sorry forgot to include the link

Dr. Levine has a list of interventions and suggestions. His research into the brain is incredible. He gives you ways of determining why the child can't read. He gives ways to accommodate and intervene for the child. It is great research. He also talks about dealing with the problem not labeling the child. He also gives ways to use the child's strengths to find ways to modify and intervene.

5th, grader, read

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