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Old 01-31-2007, 05:23 PM
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Middle School Teacher
OK- Everybody! Share your best classroom games!

Hi all,

I am a little bored with my classroom games, so I thought that I would start a thread and ask you all to share your best games that you use to review or drill material. I'll start!

1. Toss the ball- I use small soft nerf-type ball. I toss it to the first kid and ask a question. If he gets it right, he can toss it to a classmate and that person gets a question. If any wrong answer is given, I take the ball back and toss it to the student of my choice. They love this because they like to throw things in class, and also they want to get the answer right and be in control of throwing the ball to a friend.

2. King or Queen of (fill in the blank)- this is a SIMPLE game I started off the top of my head one day. I have been SHOCKED at how much they LOVE this game- even the 8th graders. I teach grammar, and reviewing the 10 sentences they just did silently to give the correct answers can get boring. I have them complete the exercise silently and when everyone is finished they all stand up with their books. I go through the answers, and if they get one worng they sit down. The last one standing is (for example) King or Queen of Participles, etc. Sometimes you have more than one student standing. I draw a big crown on the board in chalk and write the names in it. They LOVE this. I don't understand it. Really.

3. Chalkboard Baseball- this one again involves throwing balls. Draw a baseball diamond on the board but draw big circles around the 4 bases so that if the ball hits in the cirlce near that base it counts as a 3rd base hit, 1st base hit, etc. I make the sides of the board pop-fly outs. Take the small spongy nerf baseball and dip it into your chalkboard cleaning bucket filled with a bit of water and wring it out. Divide the class into even teams, and each player comes up "to bat" even though they are throwing the ball. Where the ball hits, that's the base they get. Sometimes I will take chalk and shade the entire board and then draw in the lines so I can see where the ball lands better. Have fun with this one if you have a class that won't go crazy on you!

4. Trash-ketball- this is an oldy but a goody. The trashcan becomes the "basketball net" and a wadded up piece of paper the ball, or use the soft ball I mentioned in the other games. I call a row up at a time and ask a question. If the child gets it right, that team gets a point. The child can then toss the ball into the can. If the student makes it, add another point. If the question was answered wrong, no point, and no chance to throw for an additional point.

I'm just now realizing I sure do throw a lot of stuff in my classes. I can't wait to read all about your best classroom games!

Trina in Alabama
Middle School teacher

Old 01-31-2007, 06:14 PM
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Kindergarten Teacher
1. Sparkle
2. Hangman
3. Tic Tac Toe (used with spelling or comprehension questions)
4. Duck Duck Goose (run to the board and spell or answer a question)
5. Relay Race (to the board to answer question)
6. I spy on the word wall....
7. 100 Puzzle, arrange 100 number flashcards into 100 day grid
8. Add/Subtraction War (after card game)
9. Word Go Fish (card game)
10. Bingo (word or math)
11. Dominos
12. Hot Potato or Boss Ball
13. Word Slap Jack
14. Invisible Ink Cards (file folder games, etc)
15. Word Dominos
16. Word or Math Going Fishing (like carnival game (pipecleaner poles))
17. Sorry (draw popcicle stick with word (invisible ink) and spell that word, then if they draw "sorry" stick, they put back all their words).
18. Cheer Chairs (cross between fast pace musical chairs and cheering-hard to explain).
Old 01-31-2007, 10:51 PM
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2nd Grade Teacher
We play Chalkdown to practice math facts. (It's called chalkdown because back when I was in school and learned to play it, we had chalk, and the chalk had to be down on the tray before you could ge the problem correct, and markerdown just doesn't sound as good!) Anyway, I divide the class into two teams and a person from each team goes up to the board. I give them a math problem to solve. The first one to get the right answer and put their marker on the tray with the cap on gets a point for their team. The kids love it when we play this, especially when I divide them boys against girls.
Old 02-01-2007, 04:07 PM
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So Cal
7th and 8th English & 8th History
I recently started playing 1 vs (class size). Based on the TV show
1 vs 100.

This is really good if you are giving a multiple choice test. But it can be adjusted for all tests, if you can get a bit creative. My kids love playing this game.

Here is a quick list of how I do things:
The aim of the game is for one contestant to answer questions against (class size) others and eventually try to eliminate them all.
The 1 is selected (however you want to choose)
The player is asked a three-way multiple choice question.
The "(class size)" are given six seconds to answer by selecting the letter A,B, or C, that are written on 2 separate sheets of paper.
The "1" can then give their answer in their own time. If the 1 is correct, they stay in the game. If they are wrong, they leave with nothing.
If any of the class members get a question wrong they are eliminated, and for each elimination the 1 receives ($1000 in the real game, I give them free time minutes). However, to get their hands on the money they must eliminate all their opponents.
In order for the player to get the (reward) he/ she must answer all the questions correctly and get rid of the opponents.
The class, has a goal to stay in the game. IF they successfully knock out the 1, then they split the (reward.)

Hope this helps.
Old 02-01-2007, 04:20 PM
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Primary Elementary Teacher
I teach 1st grade. My students LOVE 4 corners on a rainy day. Sometimes I put sight words, vocab. words or vocab. pictures in the 4 corners so they can get familiar with them. They also like Heads Up 7 Up.

A game I came across that my students go wild over is called Digits. We start out with everyone sitting on the carpet. 2 students stand and face each other. I count to 3 and they each put out their hands holding out different amounts of fingers. Whoever says how many fingers the other person is holding out first wins. (You can tell right away who knows addition facts and who does not.) The loser goes to their seat, the winner stays on the carpet for round two. We keep going until there is only one person left. I suppose you could have them multiply the digits instead of adding.

If you have a smart board I have a really fun dice game that I made up for place value, comparing numbers, addition, subtraction or multiplication.
Old 02-01-2007, 11:57 PM
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British Columbia
Art, History, Careers/Health
For higher grades, I like One Minute Mysteries. It doesn't matter what subject you're teaching as they're about getting students to get into critical thinking/logic mode. It's a good activity for start up or to break up a block.
Old 02-02-2007, 06:01 AM
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4 corners is a hit as is 7up. Oddly enough most of my kids,
2nd-5th love 20 questions. I have had some memorable
words and reactions. One day the smartest kid was up in front
with me (he never talked or cracked a smile). His word was toilet.
One kid asked, "can you make music on it." We looked at each other
and almost passed out giggling. ( i guess you had to be there).
Old 02-02-2007, 06:30 AM
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I am a HUGE fan of Kagan Cooperative Learning...they have some good classbuilding/team building exercises...and just some of the structures or ways that lessons are taught are "fun"


this has some nice links/worksheets etc

But i also play:
5 in 10
Divide the class into teams (if big enough) and one person from each team stands in the front of the class/others...the questioning team comes up with a category...."NAME 5 STATE CAPITALS" ...the person or team then has 10 seconds to list 5 Whatever....i used this in Eng classes...NAME 5 ADJECTIVES.... it works for most subjects as review or as a brain break

Quick Questions
This is a listening game...or just silly fun....the students sit in a circle...i have everyone think of a question or two...then one person starts by pointing (or saying the name of) to another student and asks a question...the person asked the question points/names another student and asks a question...you can send the question back to the person who asked it...sorta like tossing a ball or what not...there are some rules:
1. It is called QUICK questions...if you hesitate or are slow, you are out
2. They must be QUESTIONS ...you cannot answer the question
3. No profane or mean or sexual questions...(i taught HS) you cant ask someone what size bra they are wearing etc
4. all questions must be done in ENGLISH...we had an exchange student from Romania that would mess up people...LOL
5. NO one word questions...Who? What? are not acceptable
6. You can repeat a question that HAS been asked...but not the one directly asked to you...if i point to Bob and say, How old are you? He CANNOT turn to Jessica and say "How old are YOU?" its the same question...but since I did not ask Jessica how old are you...she can turn to Joseph and repeat MY question...you just cant repeat the question asked directly TO you...this one takes a bit of explaining sometimes....

and yes...you can play until only one person is left or just keep tally or not...but my students LOVED it! its like the Hot Potato or one of those games...but students have to (gasp) TALK...i havent ever played with an object like a ball...mostly b/c i would drop it ...so the pointing or name thing works

Old 02-04-2007, 02:17 PM
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I'm not sure if this would be classified as a game or more of a review activity, but my 6-8th graders love it! It works best with social studies and science topics. The teacher who taught it to me just called it Graffiti Review. I generally use it before a big test/exam as you need topics/words that are not too specific. You take several words or topics from your unit, eg. galaxy, sun, star, astronomer, satellite. Write each one in the middle of a piece of chart paper. Spread the chart papers around the room (wall, desks or floor). Give each student or group of students a marker (different colours if you can). Each student/group starts at one chart paper. When you say "go" they have to start writing down everything they know/can remember about the word or topic. Use a timer, and call "switch" after whatever interval you decide to use (30 sec., 1 min., 2 min. etc. for me it depends on the topics and the class). At "switch" they must rotate to the next paper. When all students/groups have written on each paper, I collect them. One at a time, I put them up on the board, as a class we read through what has been written, and I correct any inaccurate information or mention any important information that has been missed. It does not lend itself as an end or period or every class activity though. I find I usually need 30 min. to an hour to do it properly.
Old 02-04-2007, 03:10 PM
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Preschool Teacher
This is an intro/review activity I saw the art teacher use with the 2nd graders when I was student teaching. When she would introduce a new artist or style of artwork, she gave all the kids sentance strips with a key word/phrase/fact on it. They had to listen for whatever the card said, then put it up on the board. Sometimes she'd give a VERY quick preview by talking about some of the things on the cards. The kids loved it, and it ogt them listening for specifics.

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