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Old 07-22-2013, 06:11 AM
teacher girl teacher girl is offline
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Special Education Teacher
Where do Teachers buy professional clothes?

I am a first year sped teacher, I want to make a good impression, not sure if I should wear suits everyday or if I should wear casual business attire.

But I want to know, What stores should I find my clothes ( Macys, Target, New York Lerner, etc)? Where do teachers find clothes of good quality? ( I want to look professional as if I were a principal or something)
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Old 07-22-2013, 06:39 AM
JustMe JustMe is offline
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I've never been in a school where ANYONE wears suits, but of course your school environment may different. I'd say, though, you won't need to wear a suit every day to make a good impression. I'll let others provide clothing advice. (I'm no good at that.)
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Old 07-22-2013, 06:43 AM
catnfiddle's Avatar
catnfiddle catnfiddle is online now
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Central Ohio
Online English Teacher
My best teacher clothes (from when I was still in a traditional classroom and now when I attend professional meetings and student-attended events) are from Macy's. I like the selection, and I love that their petite section has pants the correct length for my short legs. I'm a big fan of DKNY in particular for its business-casual polish.

Honestly, I would try on Target clothing and move around in the dressing room before you buy it. I've found the tops are too low and cannot be worn without a tank top beneath them. Very disappointing.
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Old 07-22-2013, 06:57 AM
WaterfallLady's Avatar
WaterfallLady WaterfallLady is offline
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I usually go to JC Penney. I find that Learner NY clothes are cut a little too close for teaching and if I go a size up they are too big. I don't wear a suit, but I teach in a tropical climate and my principal doesn't even wear suits. Kohls is good too.
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Old 07-22-2013, 07:46 AM
dgpiaffeteach's Avatar
dgpiaffeteach dgpiaffeteach is offline
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Middle/High School English
I shop at Loft, NY and Co, and Gap mainly. I've never taught in a suit, but then my P is usually found in just pants, shirt, and tie.
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Old 07-22-2013, 07:52 AM
BumbleB's Avatar
BumbleB BumbleB is offline
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I shop at Macy's, Gap, Ann Taylor LOFT, Banana Republic and Target. My P usually dresses as casually as we do, except she wears a suit jacket with most outfits. I don't know the climate of your school (i.e. how professional it is) but I don't think you need to wear a suit. You'll look out of place and feel uncomfortable.

I usually wear dress pants (in neutral colors like black, gray, navy, or khaki...sometimes I do wear the pants that go along with my one suit!) and some sort of blouse. I like tops that have a fun pattern, so that I can keep jewelry to a minimum. Then I wear flats...always flats! My feet do not do well in heels for very long! I usually wear my hair down and straight, and wear makeup. My makeup is noticeable enough to separate me from the students and make me look older, but neutral enough not to look like a clown!
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Old 07-22-2013, 09:26 AM
kpa1b2's Avatar
kpa1b2 kpa1b2 is offline
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I like Dress Barn for dresses!
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Old 07-22-2013, 09:29 AM
MissCeliaB MissCeliaB is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
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I shop at LOFT, Dress Barn, JC Penney, GAP, and a few local places. Usually I have on slacks, a blouse, and a cardigan. Sometimes I have on a dress and a cardigan. Sometimes a skirt, a top, and a cardigan. Always with flats.
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Old 07-22-2013, 09:37 AM
giraffe326's Avatar
giraffe326 giraffe326 is offline
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I don't really care about brands or stores. If I see it and I like it, I buy it. I have a $10 shirt from Walmart that I often wear with $80 dress pants from The Limited. Whatever works!

If you have the money to spend all at once, Anne Taylor and Macy's would be where I would head.
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Old 07-22-2013, 11:46 AM
chebrutta's Avatar
chebrutta chebrutta is offline
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Land of Sunshine
MS Language Arts
I love Banana Republic and J. Crew outlet stores. I can usually find a good deal on quality clothes at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Steinmart. My favorite pants for work are the editor pants from Express.

I actually find a lot of really good work tops at Goodwill.

Shoes... well, I'm a fan of Danskos. No more back pain. Definitely invest in quality, comfortable shoes - whatever brand that might be for you.
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