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Old 11-14-2012, 03:26 PM
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4K Teachers....how often do you personally talk to parents.

4K teachers...how often do you talk personally to parents? My son started 4K this fall at our local public school. It is mid-November, and I have only spoken to his teacher once in August for open house. She has never contacted me in any way ever. He goes on the bus and comes home on the bus, so it's not like I can talk to her when I pick him up. I'm going to call her tomorrow and open up the lines of communication because I want to know how he's doing, but do you think she should have contacted me in some way already...like an email or note or something? Or with 21 students, is that something that's not typically done? I wouldn't expect it when he's older, but I thought I would hear more since he's only in 4K. He doesn't tell me anything about school, so it's like that world of his is really unknown to me. I know I should have probably contacted her too, but I just thought maybe I'd hear from her some day.

PS: I do get their general weekly newsletter that goes to all classrooms of the 5 4K classes, so I sort of know what's happening in the classes and what they're learning about. I just don't know anything about what's going on with my son.
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Old 11-14-2012, 03:44 PM
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I don't teach pre-K but I email my parents everyday. This doesn't mean that I speak personally to each parent about his/her child, but I am communicating with them in a general sense daily. I speak more often with the ones who have behavior issues, or academic issues that call for a tighter communication.
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Old 11-14-2012, 05:35 PM
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I wouldn't be too worried. Unless my students get picked up I don't really see their parents either. And unfortunately, I usually only communicate with those of behavior issues. I know that sounds horrible, but we are just so busy...I really love kindergarten, but a day in kindergarten is like no other (in my personal experience). Between the lesson planning, extensive prep work, and constant assessments, I only contact home when needed. However, I just sent home their first progress report. This gave all of the families a good idea of where their child is "academically". If the parent has any questions/concerns after going over that, I told them to contact me. Our formal report cards & conferences are in February. I am however, always available through e-mail, phone and even conferences if a parent wanted to set it up. With all that said, I wouldn't stress it. I WOULD HOPE THAT, if this teacher has had any concerns about you child, he/she would have contacted you by now. But it's not a bad idea to contact them! That way you feel comfortable. I never mind when parents contact me! I wish I had more time to keep them super involved, I just feel that there are so many other demands in the edu world today
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Old 11-14-2012, 05:48 PM
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I have a couple of parents that I rarely see. In fact, I just saw one of the parents for the 2nd time today. Mom gets the newsletter & the daily report. I made sure she has my email.

I've not had the need to contact her. He's doing well academically. And he isn't a major discipline problem, not an angel, but not something else either.
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Old 11-14-2012, 07:12 PM
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By all means, if you want to establish contact, do it!! I've had a few parents do that with me this year and it's been really excellent!

Have you had a parent/teacher conference or home visit (typical for preschool around here)? That seems odd for any age if that hasn't even occurred yet. For some of my kids, that's about the only contact I've had. Outside of report cards and conferences, there are some families that I rarely communicate with because I have no concerns. I do need to get better about sending home positive notes though! I do send weekly classroom notes and also keep a classroom FB page to keep people up to date.
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Old 11-14-2012, 07:28 PM
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I have contacted most of my parents sometime throughout the year in addition to open house and conferences. It may have been an email, a phone call, or just a note home with a progress up date. But I haven't emailed all my parents separately about their child's day.

I wouldn't worry about the teacher not contacting you, but I would definitely let her know you want to be involved.
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