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Old 01-28-2013, 02:48 AM
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Different teachers have different approaches

In my opinion, there are always a few ways to deal with a troublesome student. However the 2 that I have seen used most are 'Trying to build a relationship with them' and 'Showing them who's boss'

I personally prefer the 2nd one most of the time, as the student often needs to learn that they can not do what they want and they have the privilege of being in school so must respect it. Usually for such students, I would place them on report and make them pick up 10 pieces of litter at the end of each day for every negative comment on their report. If they didn't, Detentions. If they didn't turn up, longer detentions. Still no show, exclusion.

However, your situation sounds like a student who I had last year. Had a meeting with the mum, but it was pointless as the mum believed that I was picking on the daughter and saw no issues as she achieved an A* in her last test.

I thought, I'm not going to waste my time trying to help this student who is making it so difficult, when there are others who need my help more and aren't so rude. Not teacher-like, but human and sensible I think...

Luckily I had time with this student and for the next 3 months didn't offer any addition support in class or materials for revision like I would have done for the other politer students. I was also recording every time she came in to class late, didn't do her homework etc.

In her next big test, she dropped to a B. Not terrible, but a big difference and she was not happy with it. Reported to her mum, explaining how she didn't ask for any support in class, was late to lessons, continued bad attitude etc.

Finally it was agreed that she would go on report and any bad comments would result in detentions. She would also have to submit 2 pieces of online homework every week until she retook her exam.

She is now much more appreciative (still not perfect but getting there) and will be retaking her test in March.
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