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Old 08-23-2010, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Special-t View Post
One day, subbing high school, a small class of 6 convinced me to let them spend the last 10 minutes in the courtyard just outside the classroom door. The kids left the classroom (they were still in my view - but not in the room) and sure enough, while I was gathering my stuff to go join the kids, a security guard came rushing in - looking for a kid who had actually ditched 30 minutes before. I could hear him announce on his radio "There are no kids here, there are no students in the room!" Then he rushed out before I had the chance to explain. It was really awkward, I had to explain everything to my supervisor.
What a fiasco this sounds like as well!
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Old 10-23-2010, 10:10 AM
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Kids always want to engage you in a debate. For example,

Student: "This is boring! Why do we have to do this?"
Teacher: "What do you mean boring, I stayed up until 3am preparing this lesson!"
Student: "It's dumb - why can't we just do . . ."
Teacher: Takes it personally and continues the debate with student.

My biggest mistake is very clear in my mind.

I remember losing control by engaging in a similar battle with a student. The student NEVER wants to "lose face" in front of their peers, so they'll stop until they win.

This is ABSOLUTELY A NO WIN SITUATION for the teacher.

Lesson: Always have self-control!!
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Old 11-04-2012, 04:24 PM
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I let seniors go to lunch 5 minutes early since everyone had finished their work. A security guard came in screaming I cant do that and I'm liable for them if something happens. =(
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Old 11-04-2012, 04:38 PM
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I once had a class-- a sub, I think, where EVERYONE had to go to the bathroom. At one point, I put my foot down and said that no one else would be allowed to go. (Mistake #1.)

Then, a few minutes later, a girl gave me that "Omigod, it's an emergency!!!" look and asked if she could go to the bathroom. So I said yes, with no conditions (Mistake #2.)

One of the boys, of course, pointed out that I had just said that no one else could go to the bathroom. My brilliant response??? "Well, I guess I just like girls better than boys."
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Old 11-04-2012, 05:01 PM
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Just a couple of weeks ago I was subbing for a teacher for a whole week. Although it's the school where I am most of the time, I didn't really know most of the students, but they've seen me walking around (and I knew a few). So there was this one guy (about 17), very nice, respectful with a long, nicely braided ponytail. I thought it was very nice, so a few times I lovingly called him 'ponytails", because I didn't know his name. I do this sometimes, and it's never a problem.
He asked me to please not call him that. I felt so bad! I was thinking, why am I calling this kid this name, even though it's nice in my mind, who knows how he takes it? I apologized but I know it didn't mean too much to him at that time.
Later on during that day one of the kids asked me to say something in Hungarian. So I did, looking at this student. they were all amazed how strange it sounded, and he asked me what I said. I said "I said I'm sorry I called you ponytails". His face brightened up, and I saw that now we were ok.

As I got to know him later on that week, I realized that he is extremely sensitive. There were a few more things I said / did, that showed me that his feelings got hurt, not much, but he was a basic reminder, that even these tough guys can be so sensitive.
We're ok though, he likes and respects me, so i don't think I caused problems for him. I'm very quick to admit and apologize when I do something wrong, I don't care about my pride.
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Old 11-12-2012, 12:30 PM
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I am covering for a teacher until further notice and this is the first time I have a class for consecutive days. I am not used to handling paperwork and have made some mistakes with that. It's a lot to keep track of.
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Old 11-12-2012, 01:21 PM
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I lost a key but luckily it was found the next day. I lost track of a student (18 yrs old an insisted on leaving the classroom) and, of course, the parent called looking for him. It was very embarrassing and stressful.
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made, mistake

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