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Old 02-06-2013, 10:54 AM
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Student Teacher
Hi I'm Ben

Hey I'm Ben,
I am a trainee teacher in England. The reason why I am posting in here today is that I would like to inspire teachers like yourselves and share classroom ideas and practises that you could use within your own lessons.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could visit my blog and leave any feedback.
I hope you also find it useful and inspiring.

the URL is: beingbenm. blogspot.co. uk

I am just a genuine person, trying to help :P
All the best,

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Old 02-06-2013, 01:40 PM
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Old 02-06-2013, 06:28 PM
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'It is today we must create the world of the future.' Eleanor Roosevelt
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Old 02-06-2013, 08:15 PM
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6th Grade Math/SS
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Old 02-07-2013, 09:31 AM
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Old 02-07-2013, 02:01 PM
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Welcome to the boards!
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