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Old 10-10-2012, 08:53 AM
MrSciMath MrSciMath is offline
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My Math 0061 Experience

Hi All!

I'm new on the forum, but I've been reading it for a while as I have been preparing for my Praxis. Once that is done I look forward to reading the rest of the discussions in the main forum.

I just wanted to share my experience in preparing and taking the Praxis Math 0061 test yesterday. I was very worried going in. I haven't had much time to study and I've been out of college 11+ years (I was a Math major though).

Test Prep Materials:
- Cliff Notes Praxis 0061
- ETS Praxis 0061 Study Guide
- ETS Praxis Sample Test (online)
- College Calc book

First of all, I will note that none of the above materials adequately prepared me for the difficulty of the test. The Cliff Notes did provide an overview of "most" of the subjects that were on the test, but with not nearly enough depth. The 3 practice tests were the best part of the book. Although the questions were easier than the actual test, I consistently scored ~130-135 on all three tests (answering <65% or so correctly).

Strangely enough when I moved up to the more difficult Praxis Study Guide Test and Sample Test my score improved to 150! This is weird because I knew they were harder and I was missing almost as many questions, but the scoring was different! I found that with all the practice tests I was able to understand the approach to solving the problems but always tripped up on something during the process which caused me to pick the wrong answer.

Although I only needed a 128 to pass, I was very nervous because I didn't know how far my score would drop with the added difficulty of the actual test (which I continually read from this forum). My practice test scores were all over the place and my mind was frying from cramming.

So, I took the computer test yesterday and it was TOUGH. I seriously considered not reporting the scores, but I had nothing to lose so I did. Strangely enough, I scored the higher than my practice tests! I scored a 157 with raw score of 37. I have no idea how I did it, but I'll take it. . (caveat: I do take standardized tests well) . What was different than the practice tests was that there were so many questions that I had no clue about how to approach them and I had to do a a lot of reverse answer-finding (plugging answers into formulas to see which one works). There were definitely questions that I learned how to solve only by taking all the practice tests that I did, so I am thankful for all the materials that I studied.

Anyway, I'm happy to be over that hurdle and on my way to teaching soon. I have to complete my alternate route teacher program and pass my Physics Praxis and hope to land a job!

I just wanted to share my experience!

Take Care!
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Old 10-17-2012, 09:02 AM
kss8 kss8 is offline
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Old 11-07-2012, 12:41 PM
bwoolridge bwoolridge is offline
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Congrats on passing the test!! I have taken the test several times and have not passed. However, I have adjusted my study materials as well as my method of studying. With that being said I will be taking the computer version of the test in December. It is my first time taking the test on the computer. Do you have any suggestions or tips on dealing with that enviornment as opposed to a paper test? Are you able to skip problems and go back to them later?
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Old 11-09-2012, 08:09 AM
MrSciMath MrSciMath is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
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In Alt Route Program
Good luck to you bwoolridge! The main difference with the computer version is the fact that you have to account for some extra time on some problems. Yes, you don't have to spend the time filling in the bubbles on the answer sheet, but you may have to spend a bit extra time re-sketching the figures on your paper. I'm the type that needs to write the angles and side lengths (etc.) on the Geometry/Trig figures to help me figure it out. It just took some extra time to draw the figures on my scratch paper.

You are able to go back to previous problems. Also, at the top of the screen there is a button option to "Mark" a problem. There is also a "summary" button that will pull up all of the question numbers in a table format and show which ones you have answered (or not answered) and which ones you have marked. So, you can answer a question but be uncertain about it, then mark it to come back and review it later. This is handy if you have an "A-ha" moment later when answering a question later on. I finished the test with 30 seconds left, so I had no real time to review my marked answers. I just had enough time to go back to my unanswered questions and throw in a guess.

The other thing that is different about the computer test is that it takes about 3-4 menu clicks to get to the "formula sheet". I think I had to click on "Help", then something else and then something else to get to it. Not as quick as just thumbing to the front of the paper booklet.

Also, you will not need the keyboard at all, so just move that out of the way and give yourself more room.

But the real benefit is to get your score instantly!
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