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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by loss4words, Jun 24, 2011.

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    loss4words........Your name does not really do you justice but that is just a small joke. You make great points about how stupid we run schools. Mandate after mandate essentially scripting and micro-managing school until you either run screaming to something else or
    fall in line as the cookie cutter victim you describe. Luckily, some of us like the drama teacher, art people, PE are somewhat immune from that
    dictate of complete objectivity regarding assessments. But where your business community does not get it is in raw materials. When you make a product your material is uniform or you pitch it until you get the right
    stuff. Human beings or in our case human beings far from finished are our raw materials and FAR from uniform. The demands that we have kindergarten children or 3rd graders ALL produce the same results is beyond insanity. I learned a thing in grad school about developmental stages in children and they don't follow a clock or calendar. The key here is very young to young human beings.
    The people dictating policy and curriculum in many cases seem oblivious to this and there lies one of our biggest problems.

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