Which is the best method for grouping students in PE class

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    I need Help in this 2 exam questions.

    Hi everyone those are 2 simple question. Somebody knows the correct answer??:)

    1-Which is the best method for grouping students in PE class??
    2- How we promote good behavior in PE class?
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    Oct 30, 2013

    I have my kids in 12 rows. 12 is divisible by 2,3,4, and 6. When I do seating charts, I try to distribute the really athletic through all the rows so when I do teams by calling rows to stand up and come together, they are evenly matched. Sometimes I let the kids pick their own groups if I feel the class can handle that.

    For behavior, our school hands out "bucks" to kids. They save them and can turn them in for prizes, wear a hat to school, eat lunch with friend, etc.

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