What do you put in parent orientation packet?

Discussion in 'Preschool' started by abcme, Aug 3, 2011.

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    I have SEVERAL items in mine, but jsut thinking I might be missing something that could be very helpful! What are some key pieces you place in yours? Some of mine are:

    "Rules" and discipline policy
    September calendars and newsletters
    Handouts on the importance of play and we incorporate that
    School calendar with all dates off and closing policies
    What to expect from a high quality early childhood program
    The Indiana Foundations guidelines
    Proper letter formation guide
    Stages of development for our age groups
    Drop off/pick up procedures
    Class wish list

    At orientation I also will have volunteer sign up sheets for subs, assistants, scholastic helpers, Terra Cycle helpers and parents to help cut projects. I will also provide a piece of paper for the parents to write a note and draw a picture for their child to see on their first day or whenever they are missing them. What else could I be missing?!
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    In the Welcome folder I include the following:

    On the for your information side:

    * Introduction page (with information about the staff in our classroom, the hours of the class, discipline plan, busing, daily schedule summary, the curriculum we use, books orders, star of the week, the wonder bag, and a invite to volunteer)
    * School information sheet (the hours of the class and names and phone number with extensions where applicable of teacher, school nurse, family advocate, the head start coordinator, busing coordinator, parent coordinator)
    * Daily Schedule
    * Book order information with the on-line code
    * Parent Handbook
    * Magnet with my contact information
    * Sample newsletter and calendar

    On the Please complete to be collected at the home visit side:
    * Child information sheet (name, birthday, allergies, health concerns, parents names and numbers, address, bus pick up address, bus drop off address, emergency contact information, hospital name, preferred doctor, child is not to leave with)
    *Donors choose permission slip
    * Library parent signup sheet (comes in to help children check out books once a week)
    * Volunteer interest sheet
    *Temperaments survey
    *Learning Styles survey

    I also go through a PowerPoint at open house (which happens before the kids start-I offer it 4 times 1 day and 1 evening for am and pm-AM will be 11:00 or 5:30 and PM will be 12:00 or 6:30.) The kids are parents come in together and after the children complete a classroom scavenger hunt I take the parents into our parent room and do the presentation while my Para keeps the kiddos to play. It is great because we already have a feel for the kiddos before school starts)

    In the PowerPoint I have slides for:
    * Your child's teachers
    *Information: (class schedule, curriculum, daily schedule, school information and handbook)
    *Conscious Discipline (this is our discipline plan-based on brain research, school family, using your "big voice" taking deep breaths, I love you rituals, the "Safe Place", and building connections)
    *Communication (newsletter, calendar, small group plan, conferences/home visits, and my contact information)
    *Busing (how do we make sure your child gets to the right classroom?
    -using bus tags, busing contact information)
    *What to bring to school (extra change of clothes, outdoor gear, full sized backpack)
    * Safety-You might sign in at the office ANYTIME you enter the building-we door have an open door policy please stop in, notify the office of phone number or address changes)
    *Health-(Full time nurse in the building, sick child policy, stop and talk to the nurse today if your child has allergies, asthma, or takes mediation at school)
    *Book Orders (what it is and ways to order
    *Parent Involvement (Policy Council, Library Parents, Field Trips, share about your job, talents, hobbies, cooking, or be a guest reader)
    * Donors Choose-(what is it? How does it work, permission slip, materials we have received)
    *What our school collects (box tops, "We care receipts, "Food Club" labels, empty ink cartridges)
    Your Homework (Please fill out-child information sheet, donors choose permission slip, temperaments survey, learning style survey, library parent interest, parent volunteer interest)
    *Any Questions?

    We look at each page in the folder as we get to in the PowerPoint.
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    A couple of years ago, I started handing out a brightly colored index card and asking for each parents email address and cell phones numbers. I kept them with my students information cards and took them on field trip and other outings. These came in very handy throughout the year.

    I will try to attach my class brochure which I also give out. I do not have to pass out much because the school takes care of most of it buy mailing out a packet before school starts.
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    Aug 4, 2011

    How can I send you my document?

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