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    So here is my day....

    I go into my internship knowing that all my K teachers were at a conference so there were going to be all subs. I planned to float around and help when needed. Well my teacher's sub never showed up so I called the office. I am a sub so I offered to step in. The sub had come in late and had never taught Kindergarten before so she gave me the lead. Okay I got this... I do lunch counts and attendance and off we go...


    30 minutes later the kids are speeding through their work and their extra work. So we figured out the smartboard. As I was checking kid's work I noticed a pop up on a screen where it said a 911 call had been placed on the computer from the Kindergarten classroom building. I pressed close and frantically ran around to see if the other classes were okay as the other assistant in another class called the secretary to say it was a false alarm. I am panicking thinking OMG what if my students pressed the icon on accident since the smart board was on. The principal came down made sure things were okay with 4 police officers!!!!!!

    Later on I figured out it was NOT my class but preschool and everyone had a laugh and said it was good practice. The secretary knew half the school had subs for this conference and decided to NOT call a lockdown which would of made things worse. She had also received the call beforehand saying it was a false alarm

    The day continued we did all of the scheduled assignments did some extra work and played some coin games to go on with the day.
    It ended up being a funny story to share but it was scary at the time and just a long crazy day.
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