VIPKID and tutoring questions

Discussion in 'General Education' started by TeachCafe, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Does anyone do the ESL/tutoring to students in China with a program like VIPKID? I see the ads and have a former coworker who does it but I don't talk to her anymore and when I did she told me only a little.

    I kind of like the idea because of the work from home aspect. I will have a commute for the first time this year so earning money without gas eating it is great. The hours are my hesitation.

    If you do it, HOW do you do it? I'm in Texas so "peak" hours are 4-8am my time. 8 is at my school. 6-8 is waking up, getting dressed and driving to get to work early. I need my sleep because I need my focus to be on my classroom. If you make it work, tell me your secret.

    I wish there was something only with that high or an earning without leaving home. Those search engine and doing 100000 things to add up to $18-22 an hour is a bit much for me.
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    Last year a teacher at my school tutored from 4-6 AM every morning and enjoyed it. She just said she was a morning person. I could never do it, especially since IMO the pay isn't very high. I have an awful time even waking up at 6 to go to work! I mean, if you went to bed and actually fell asleep at 9 PM, that would still be 7 hours of sleep. My problem is that I could never fall asleep at 9 PM, or if I did I'd wake up a few hours later with my body thinking that was a nice nap. I have trouble getting to sleep at night. Someone who is a "good sleeper" could probably do it.
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    I think that the amount of money you can put in your checking account versus the investment of time, effort, and acquisition of the necessary props is not quite all that the ads would have you believe. If desperate, people will work at almost anything - any money is better than no money. Only you know whether the actual pay per hour is worth the investment in time and props. The truth is, only you know how much more money you need than what you already earn. That is a personal decision.

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