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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by MsILteacher, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Aug 16, 2012

    Hello everyone : )

    I am in need of some alternative ideas to teaching spelling. My school has a set curriculum which uses the "Everyday Spelling" series from Scott Foresman. The previous teacher had students write the spelling lists in ABC order and complete the workbook pages along with the tradition spelling tests. I'd really like to get away from the copying of word lists as the main means of practicing. I know I need to use the workbook, but I was wondering if anyone else would be willing to share what they do, if you use the ES series, or if you have any other thoughts on how to spice it up.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Aug 18, 2012

    Lists never made sense to me. In real life how ofter do we write in long columns of single words, shopping and to-do aside?

    Consider illustrated dictionary. Students create a unit dictionary with "entries" just like a dictionary page with entry, syllables, pronunciation, definition, sample sentence and illustration. A booklet can be made with binding, guide words, title etc. In this way students are working with the words plus learning and reviewing other skills.

    For a spelling "grade" consider grading a piece of writing (unannounced) students are working on or turn in - journal, essay, etc. - something of a couple paragraphs or more. Highlight a "section" (one paragraph - judgement) and grade that section for spelling. If you believe the purpose of spelling is to spell in everyday writing this is can be a telling assessment.
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    I do a spelling contract which also included vocabulary instruction. If you google "spelling contract" you get a good idea and if you want to PM me your email, I'm happy to send you mine.

    Basically, they have to use their vocal/spelling list to complete activities that equal 100 points each week. Activities start at 10 pts each and go up to 75 pt activities. There is a mandatory 25 point activity which uses a modified Frayer Model for Vocab.

    The other activities build on Blooms, so the 10 pt activities are lower level and the 75 pt activities require higher level thinking.
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    First as a 5th grade teacher, you have limited time to teach spelling, but a good lesson can go a long way. I teach students a strategy of how to remember the word. In 5th grade, many students miss words by one or two letters that keep stumping them. I have them write their words ONCE, but with the silent or difficult letter far larger than the others or in a different color. Example: In the word knee the difficult letter to remember is the "k", therefore write the word like this: Knee.

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