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    Hi Group:
    Re: The "TeacherInsight" Personnel Screening Inventory. Does anyone who went through this "test" have feedback on the best ways, answers, and strategies that help to score well or not fail this "test"
    I am applying for a substitute teaching position. I am now encountering the Gallup "TeacherInsight" online personnel screening inventory as a threshold in the interview process.
    I have done some research online, but I would like to hear from actual people (permanent or substitute teachers) who have information and fact based speculation on the "right" or "best answers". There has been much written out there from people who were silently rejected by this online screening tool and received no feedback or results, except that they were stopped cold.
    What I mean is: Do you know who I should contact and/or what is the best way to not fail this psychological type inventory screen.
    Alternatively what is the best way to score excellently?
    In short, how does this testing machine work and how do I move through it. I have heard that answering genuinely and ethically can result in a no pass.
    Thanks to all who respond in advance.
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