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    Happy Saturday! I'm posting some of the teacher perceiver questions. My district picks most of their questions for interviews straight off this list. A friend of mine sent them to me before my last interview and it made me feel so much more confident. Of the ten questions I was asked, about eight of them were perceiver questions. I typed out my responses and read them in the lobby while I was waiting. I don't know if a lot of districts use these, but many might ask similiar questions. Good luck to everyone! I just got hired last week, the perfect position will find you!

    On everything think, student first & remember individualization. The teacher should think of herself as the advocate for the student or the go-between the student and everyone else. Be prepared to give some real examples of things you’d implement in the classroom and of things you’ve read lately. Some of the questions have responses, my friend got them from a school where she LTS two years ago and the responses were suggested responses from her principal there.

    1. Why do you want to be a teacher?

    2. How would you describe a good teacher?

    3. What is individualism and how will you use it in

    your classroom?

    4. Do you want your students to like you?

    > 5. If you were to walk up on two students in your

    > class, what would you want them to be saying about

    > you as a person/teacher.

    > 6. Have any of your lessons ever failed? If so,

    > then how did you feel and what did you do about it?

    > 7. What if two of your students come up with the

    > idea that they want to produce their own class

    > projects instead of the one assigned?

    > 8. How do you know if you are a successful teacher?

    > 9. A teacher is telling you that she hates her job

    > and she is quitting because she doesn't get paid

    > enough money, what do you have to say about that?

    The value of helping a student learn is worth more than anything.

    > 10. If I asked Robyn what she thought you were best

    > at doing "teacher wise" what do you think she would

    > say?

    > 11. Multiple choice: Which is more important to

    > you?:

    > a. raise in your pay

    > b. you are chosen to speak at a curriculum

    > convention in Hawaii

    > c. you win the teacher of the year award

    > d. a student that never talks and has little

    > confidence finally raises his/her hand to answer a

    > questions correctly.


    1. Describe a good listener.

    Shows listening cues, don’t make it about yourself. Allow them to talk. Don’t be trying to solve everything.

    2. When a student says they want to be treated fair, what do they mean?

    Like an individual…fair for them. Fair does not always mean equal.
    3. Can a teacher ever be too empathetic?

    No…if you can put yourself in their shoes, it can help you teach them the way they need to be taught.

    4. You have a hunch that a student can do better, but you're not sure, how do you find out?

    5. Is being a teacher more important than any other job?

    6. You assign an English assignment and a student tells you that she doesn't think she will like that book and wants an alternative one, what do you do?

    7. Do you think humor should be used in the classroom?

    8. What would the ideal school be like?

    Probably it would be a group of students who learn in a certain style and would promote that style of learning

    9. Do you ever not meet deadlines? How do you help students meet deadlines?

    Set individual goals for them….

    10. A student comes to you and says that his parents don't understand him, what do you do? Just listen…you can’t really fix it, but be there for him.

    11. What are your goals and aspirations in 5 years?

    12. Are you a perfectionist? Do you expect that from your students?

    13. What new teaching technique do you want to implement in the classroom?

    14. A student ridicules an assignment and says he does not understand it, what do you do?

    Ask them what they do understand about it….ask them to clarify it and explain it again…talk to them in private and go over it with them if necessary

    15. A student tells you that a True/False test is hard for her because she gets confused, and she wants you to either give an oral exam or an alternative...what do you do? Let them…then be sure that she isn’t the only one having the trouble…if so, I’d hold off on that type of assessment and work on test taking skills with them.

    16. How do you get your students excited about learning?

    17. Can a teacher ever be too empathetic? No

    18. Three students work together to design an all day field trip on something that you are studying, but you know your principal won't allow it, what do you do? I’d want them to understand that we have to abide by that, but we’d keep working on it…try to find a compromise so that their work wouldn’t be wasted.

    19. Do you follow an outline? Yes…How closely do you follow it… It depends on the subject matter and how the students receive it…I try to have the plan as a guide, but I spend each night revising it according to how the students did with it. You have an objective and an end goal but it’s not always a straight path because of interaction and teachable moments.

    20. Are you organized? Do you think it's important to be organized? Why?

    So that the time you’re with students is totally devoted to them.

    21. What are some things you have read in the last few weeks?

    22. After school you see a 16 year old crying because he cheated on a test what do you do?

    23. Do you find that you have a strong desire to learn about things? Why do you think that is?

    I enjoy the learning and am trying to improve myself…I want to prepare myself to be someone who has an indepth knowledge of things they’re trying to present.

    24. Do you think every student should be allowed to do an individual project?

    25. Where do you get your information or ideas? Internet, Books, (Mostly from others)…teachers are usually good at getting information/sharing.

    26. Do you people come to you for help with things? Why do you think that is?

    27. A student comes to you and says that your class is boring…what do you do?

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