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    Hi all! We're in our second week of school and I've got a really sweet group of 20 first graders, but the talking is relentless. I'm trying Responsive Classroom and Love and Logic, but it just seems like it is taking too long. I've gone over procedures, we've repeated them when they don't go as they should and so on. I am new to the school this year, and special teachers who know them come in and get them quiet right away by yelling at them and taking away recess. They say I'm being too nice.

    So I'm torn. Am I being too nice? I am trying to rephrase rules positively, recognize good behavior and use logical consequences.

    Also, what are your thoughts on talking during independent work time? I feel like if I can get them to be quiet during instruction, then they should be able to talk quietly while they work, but maybe this is confusing for them.

    Ideas please!!!
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    It's hard to say without actually observing your classroom. If you are okay with them talking quietly while they are working and they actually are working then you don't have a problem.

    One way I trained grade 1s to work quietly is to use a timer. I say "No talking for 1 minute". We review that means not asking someone else for supplies, etc. I set the timer and expect silence for that 1 minute. If anyone talks, I start the timer again for the whole class. After 1 minute of silence we do a quick (i.e. 10 second) brain break and then everyone gets back to work. The next time I ask for silence it will be for 2 minutes. I gradually increase the increments until they can go about 7-10 minutes. They are only 6 so I try not to make the silence last too long. But 7-10 minutes is enough time for them to get a good start or even finish their task.
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    I like that idea as a way to try to teach self control. Then maybe increase the intervals.
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    I like that idea also.
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    Love this
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    I agree that the timer is an awesome idea -- you could graph it on a chart so they can see their growth.

    I'm sure taking away recess would work, but as a fellow 1st grade teacher, I find it hard to believe that would help in the long run. Especially at age 6, they need that time to run around and relax... my kids would be squirrely the entire rest of the day if I did that.

    One thing that has helped mine is explaining why we need to stay quiet (it helps our friends think, it helps us finish our work faster, it gives us more time for fun activities later...) and visualizing what we will look like when we're doing our work/walking to the carpet/etc. I have them think about what their mouths will look like (closed with a bubble) and what their bodies will look like (walking quickly and quietly, hands to self). Like other procedures, it's best repeated until they get the hang of it... it can take a while. :)

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