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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by Reb0028, Mar 8, 2007.

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    This the first year I have had a student teacher and her last day with me is next Wed. I am trying to think of a nice gift to give her. I was thinking of just some picture books..but I am not sure of really good ones to give her...anyone have any ideas? Or great books you received?
    And an idea of something I can have my classes (I am split between 2 grades..K and 1st) make to give her.

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    My K class made a book for me. They printed digital picture of each kid & they wrote I will miss you because & had a couple of choices to fill it in!!! Very cute. When I pre student taught in 1 st grade they made a book as well, but they did it of their handprints..also very cute.

    My teachers got me some neat stuff. I really connected with my pre student teaching teacher. She always had a "Teacher " pencil (it said teacher on it) & she would tell us "You're not a teacher until you have your teacher pencil"!! She gave us teacher pencil & a cube of paper that said teacher. My intern teacher gave me towel & some other decoration for our house we were building. That school gave each intern teacher money to teacher store, which was great, but not good when it had to be used by certain time & didn't have my own class!!!

    I'd say ask some of your students for thir favorite book your student teacher has read (if she borrowed yours) & get her a couple of those.
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    My very first clinical teacher/class gave me the book, First Day Jitters. The teacher glued everyone's school picture on the inside cover, and the kids all signed it.

    As for student teaching, I got homemade books from both of my placements which I absolutely love!! My kindergartners made me a book where they filled in the following and drew a picture of me:

    You were the best student teacher because...
    I loved you right away because...
    I learned...
    I also learned...
    You are really good at...
    I'll remember that you love...
    Mrs. XX loves you because...
    My teaching advice is...

    My first graders made me 2 books, one for my graduation, and one when I left. The first was "The Important Thing About Miss XX" and was modeled after The Important Book, which they also gave me a signed copy of. Each child drew a picture of the two of us, and filled in:

    The most important thing about XX is...
    But the most important thing about Miss Mahoney is...

    My second book was "Everything I need to Know in life I learned in First Grade. On the first page, my teacher wrote out everything, poem-like. The rest of the book had some of the ideas (i.e. It is fun to retell stories) with pictures of me/the kids to go along with it.

    The teachers also gave me a variety of teacher gifts: tote bags, stationary, puppets, resource and picture books, etc.

    Sorry for the long post, hope it helps though!!
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    When we were both at a meeting, my CT secretly had our sub (the librarian) do an acrostic about me. Later, my teacher sent me out of the room (the other 2nd grade class "borrowed" me for a while) and had the kids make up a book. They each did a page of "I liked ____. I learned ___" etc. and illustrated it. She included some pictures, laminated the cover, and bound it in the comb binding machine. It made me cry. ;) That was from the kids... she gave me a couple of teacher-themed notepads (I did a farm unit, so she got me a couple of farm-themed ones, and a generic bus one), some post-it notes, some blu-tack (because that was a big thing with us!), and a couple of her favorite books that can be used with ANY level (Kevin Henkes was the "favorite author" at the moment, so she got me several of his books). The room mom also came with flowers and a notepad with the school's picture on it. It was really sweet. I still have that book and go back to it. :) She also took TONS of pictures of me, of the kids, of me with the kids, and of our projects and bulletin boards and whatnot... and on the last day, she gave me copies of ALL of them. They came in SO handy for my portfolio!!!

    The other 2nd grade teacher gave me a gift certificate to the teacher store. You can never get enough of those!
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    Are there any special books she has shared with the class or that you used/studied when she was in the room? Last year when I had a student teacher, I purchased her a picture book and a novel that she had enjoyed using with the students and had everyone in the class sign them.

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