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    Hey all,

    So I am working with a 5th grade student who has been classified as having speech and language disability. I am currently struggling with having him transfer his thoughts into writing, where he can tell that it makes sense. His sentences have zero syntax and little comprehension. I was thinking, of maybe having him say outloud what he wants to write, then have him write it down. I tried it once with him, and what he is even speaking does not make sense, syntactically or grammatically.

    Any strategies on how to help him improve his writing?

    Thanks so much,

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    If what he is saying doesn't make any sense, then it's no use trying to upgrade to writing it down.

    Comprehension is the easiest of the four basic language skills.

    I would start with that. If you can say something simple like "do you have a pencil?", when he obviously has a pencil, and then get him to respond with a nod of the head to affirm that he does, indeed, have a pencil, then you're getting there.

    Comprehension is easiest, then follows actual speech. After that, then you try the written language by having him read something simple like "Do you have a pencil"? If he can affirm that he has a pencil whether through a simple nod of the head or a monosyllabic 'yes", then you're getting even further.

    listening is easiest followed by speaking, followed by reading, followed by writing.

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