Small vent about trying to transfer schools

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by pommom, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Mar 20, 2018

    I currently teach high school which I never want to do again. My district has 2 new middle schools opening up this coming school year. I already applied internally to transfer. I looked online at their school sites recently and the teacher directory is filled with teachers already. I wasn't chosen to interview :(
    I would like to stay within the district, but I do not want to stay in high school. I have taught lower grades before, and I want to go back. If I do not get selected to transfer to another school within the district then I would just resign during the summer and apply to other districts? Has anyone been in a similiar situation before?
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    Mar 21, 2018

    Don’t give up. I’m assuming there are other middle schools in your district in addition to the two new ones. If so, it would make sense that they would transfer current middle school teachers first since they won’t need as many teachers at the old schools with the new ones opening. It’s still very early in the hiring season. People will resign.
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    Unfortunately, new buildings don't always mean additional positions.

    When we opened a new building (6-8), it was built to replace the old building (7-8). We didn't get any new teachers. All of the positions were filled by those who were already teaching grades 6-8 in the two buildings that were closing. We didn't need any new teachers.

    When DH's district added an additional 6-8 building to relieve overcrowding, there still weren't all that many positions added. They first took volunteers from the old school, then moved people from the old school, and finally looked at transfers from other buildings.

    Of course, there are always people of retirement age who would rather go to the house than move, so they decide to retire. And sometimes people just resign over the summer for one reason or another. I wouldn't count your chances out yet. It is still early in the hiring season.
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    I went through this and while frustrating, there is not much that can be done. I was in the reverse situation - I taught middle school but wanted to go back to high school. I was teaching computer coursework, but my preference (and first area of certification) was social studies. So I applied to both high school social studies positions as a transfer applicant. I interviewed for both, but got neither. I will never know exactly why, but my colleagues indicated that a social studies teacher is so much easier to find than a computer teacher, and thus the administration probably wasn't willing to switch me. Ultimately then, I did resign in the summer and obtain a new position teaching social studies at another school (not in the same district).
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    Apr 15, 2018

    In my previous district I taught gen ed middle school and really wanted to transfer to elementary special ed. Unfortunately, in that district it's very difficult for non-tenured teachers to transfer (something I wasn't really aware of when I accepted the job or I might not have because I definitely took it thinking I could move later). I stuck it out for a second year, but then ended up leaving the district because it was just such a poor fit for me. I was *really* unhappy though - like, genuinely dreading work, crying every day, hating my job unhappy. I knew I wouldn't make it long enough to get tenured in that position.

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