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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by pruckelshaus, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Feb 12, 2009

    I was wondering if there's a database of school-appropriate films that have educational tie-ins anywhere on the web? I teach high school and there are times when I'd like to find a film that would tie-in with a lesson that I'm teaching, but I have concerns about the content being appropriate. For example, one of my favorite "teaching" films is Finding Forrester; no nudity, no violence, and generally the language/dialog is fine, except for two instances of the "F" word. Before showing it, I always discuss this with the class a day or two beforehand and let them know that if anyone will be offended that they just need to let me know; I have yet to have a student say anything, but still. I was also wanting to show Shakespeare in Love but upon re-watching it, realized that there were a couple of sex scenes that made it a no-go.

    If something like this doesn't exist, and I were to create it, do you think it would get used by the teahcing community?


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    I don't personally use this site but it's been mentioned on here

    It costs $12 per year. The only movie for my subject area is Super Size Me so it's not worth the cost for me. Browse through the titles and you can see if it would be useful. Twelve dollars would be a small price to pay if there are several lesson plans on there that you would use. I would certainly hope any movie listed is appropriate! So even if you just use it for movie ideas the site could be helpful.

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