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Discussion in 'Multiple Subject Tests' started by Maddie1012, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Nov 16, 2016
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    Nov 16, 2016

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some guidance on the raw scores for the Praxis Elementary Multiple Subjects test. (5001) The first time I took the tests, my scores were:

    Reading/Language Arts:
    Reading 18/29
    Writing, Speaking, and Listening 27/34
    This scaled to a passing score of 165 (Need a 157 to pass)
    Raw score of 45

    Numbers/operations 11/16
    Algebraic Thinking 5/12
    Geometry/measurement/data/stats/prob 8/12
    This scaled to a score of 155 (Needed a 157 to pass)
    Raw score of 24

    Social Studies:
    U.S. History/gov/citizenship 10/25
    Geography/anthro/socio 6/16
    World history/econ 8/14
    This scaled to a score of 142 (Needed a 155 to pass)
    Raw score of 24

    Earth science 5/16
    Life science 8/17
    Physical Science 11/17
    This scaled to a score of 137 (Needed a 159 to pass)
    Raw score of 24

    I retook the math and ended up passing:

    Numbers/operations 13/16
    Algebraic Thinking 5/12
    Geometry/measurement/data/stats/prob 5/12
    This scaled to a score of 161 (Needed a 157 to pass)
    Raw score of 23

    I actually received a lower raw score, but passed the math...

    I just retook the science and social studies and here are my updated raw scores:

    Social Studies:
    U.S. History/gov/citizenship 15/25
    Geography/anthro/socio 9/16
    World history/econ 6/14
    Raw score of 30

    Earth science 11/16
    Life science 11/17
    Physical Science 10/17

    Raw score of 32

    I have not received my scaled scores yet. I wanted to get some opinions and see if anyone had any similar scores that ended up being passing scaled scores?

  3. Maddie1012

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    Nov 16, 2016
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    Dec 21, 2016

    Just wanted to post an update, for anyone who is looking/comparing raw scores. My science raw score of 32 ended up scaling to a 160 (Needed a 159 to pass) and the social studies ended up scaling to a 148 (needed a 155 to pass). I noticed on the score report that ONE question on the science test was a pretest question. None of the ones on the social studies test were pretest.

    I retook the social studies last week and received my raw and my scaled scores on the spot at the end of the test. This time, my raw score was 39 (categories were 18, 9 and 12) and the scaled score was a 166. So I ended up passing this time!

    Good luck to everyone. Hope this helps some. As far as studying for the social studies test, I studied everything I could find. I used the Praxis test prep, I used elementary school social studies books, I checked out US History for Dummies from the library along with Economics for Dummies and a bunch of infographic books (US history through infographics, US government through infographics). There was also a really great National Geographic History book I checked out. With the social studies test, I felt like I had to use so many different resources. It's a hard test just because it's so broad. I have taken it three times and have never encountered the same types of questions. The questions range from passages from speeches to figuring out areas on a map. It really is eclectic.

    Good luck all!

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