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    I want a GaGa ball pit for our playground. Gaga is great cardiovascular exercise and I make a makeshift pit every year for field day and the kids absolutely love it.

    I have been writing a proposal to present to my principal for a few weeks now but I have had some issues so maybe yall can help me.

    The brand of pit that I want is called Coach Cliff GaGa ball pits. I want them because they have a handicap accessible kit. I do not currently have a child in a wheelchair but that doesn't mean that that can't happen in the future and the swinging door would be great for younger kids to get in and out. BUT, they are not an approved vendor for our district.

    I have been looking at grants to pay for it. The Coach Cliff cost varies from $1,500- $3,000+ depending on type of wood used.

    1. The Lowes toolbox for education grant will only issue the money directly to the school or to the parent organization. The school can't pay for the Coach Cliff GaGa ball pit because it's not an approved vendor. Our PTA Treasurer asked the district president if they could do it and he said no but she's going to ask for more clarification bc she doesn't understand why they can't.

    2. I looked at the Home Depot Grants but they will only award the money through Home Depot gift cards. So I could buy the lumber, stain, and paint brushes, Etc through Home Depot but I can't get the Coach Cliff stuff that I want through them so I wasn't approved.

    Do you have any other Grant ideas or fundraising ideas? I could do a donors choose special request project, but I'd like to avoid that.

    Should I hold off on presenting my idea to my principal until I have figured out how we could pay for this? There are other Gaga pits that are available through the district approved vendors, but I wanted the pit with the accessibility. I'd be willing to compromise and go through an approved vendor vs getting nothing at all though.


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