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Discussion in 'General Education' started by YoungTeacherGuy, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Dec 5, 2017

    Hi friends,

    How often do you PM your RtI kiddos?

    Additionally, who enters and keeps the data?

  3. 1stGradeRocks

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    Dec 5, 2017

    Once a week for math, language, and speech interventions. Most reading interventions are progress monitored once every 2 weeks via running records. The homeroom teachers enters and keeps the data.
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    Dec 5, 2017

    We have tons of interventions, progress monitoring, and data systems in place for reading. We have squat for math. We sometimes joke that we only teach reading in my building :rolleyes:.

    In previous years, the title 1 teacher and instructional coaches benchmarked kids and paras progress monitored. It wasn't a good system because the paras weren't consistent with how they were administering/scoring the assessments or consistent with testing all of the kids they were supposed to. In addition, some kids who weren't familiar with the title team or instructional coaches would "freeze" during benchmarking and their scores weren't accurate.

    I like the system we are doing this year a lot better. For benchmarking, classroom teachers get a half day sub (benchmarking is only 3 times per year) so they can test all of their own students. We use DIBELS. Then progress monitoring is based on their color in DIBELS: red- weekly, yellow-biweekly, green-monthly, blue- not at all unless the teacher wants/needs the data for something specific.

    We use an intervention block model. Each grade level gets a daily 30 minute block and during that block, all specialists are assigned to that grade level. We also have 2 paras that are a part of this, but they are extremely well qualified paras who have literacy training. We create intervention/enrichment groups and each classroom teacher and specialist gets a group. Obviously, red groups are smallest while a blue/green group would be much larger. Each teacher is in charge of progress monitoring their own group.

    Mondays are our progress monitoring days. Kids bring their i pads and work on Lexia while we complete the testing. We are expected to do DIBELS and some sort of "skill based" progress monitoring for whatever skill our intervention group is working on. For example, one of my intervention groups is working on digraphs, so my skill based progress monitoring is 10 nonsense words with digraphs. For the skill based, we keep the data on a chart and bring it with us to data teams. DIBELS is all electronic, so there is nothing to enter/keep track of once you've done the testing. I always have red groups so I have to progress monitor weekly, but since my groups are smaller, I'm able to get it all done in that one instructional block. A teacher with a green group might have 20 kids, but since they only have to be progress monitored monthly, she could just choose 5 different students to monitor each week.

    Our data teams are every six weeks. We have switched to focusing the conversation on growth this year, which is a change I also like. Prior to coming to data teams, everyone looks at the DIBELS charts for their group. There is a "pathways of progress" you can turn on that shows what kind of growth the child is making. We make a note of where each child is on that (above average growth, average growth, below average, well below). We then use our DIBELS information and skill based progress monitoring to move kids into different groups/change the skill focus of the groups as needed.
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    DIBELS was the assessment that we used. It was so important that their scores were tied to our evaluation, which affected our performance pay. We pre- tested them in August, and then tested them in December/ January and post -tested in April/ May for the final. HOWEVER, we also had to weekly progress monitor as well. So my red kids I had to test EVERY WEEK (and I had a lot of them so it took a lot of time,) and my yellows I had to do twice a month and the green I had to test once a month. *I * as the gen ed teacher (at that point without any knowledge of what the hell DIBELS even was) was responsible for assessing and keeping the data. We had all the paper stuff (for the entire year) and the our principal at the end of the year sent us an email and wanted us to enter a YEAR'S worth of DIBELS scores entered in the online platform for EVERY student... and she was like "The deadline is Wednesday by the end of the day...'' :rofl::rofl::rofl: Yeah it didn't happen! I put in their most recent scores as I had resigned anyway so I like '' this is what you get.'' If she wanted us to use it, then that should have been the expectation from the beginning!

    I'm glad I'm in the reading specialist program now because I'm learning about all kinds of formal assessment to use (like running records, FINALLY) and can't wait to be back in the classroom using them. Do I sound like a total nerd? :toofunny:

    We didn't have reading interventionist so it was all on us to do all of it. Yeah it's kind of what inspired me to go back to school to formally learn about the job.
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    Dec 8, 2017

    We had co-teachers for each grade level that would do it. One teacher whose job and only job would pull the RtI students from class and work with them and send them back and enter their data.
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    Dec 12, 2017

    We have to keep weekly data on our tier two kids and input it into the program. We meet monthly and are pulled out during class time.

    We aren’t given materials or programs to use for monitoring. We have to find it ourselves.

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