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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Kaley12, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,
    I am teaching grade 3 for the first time, and I am working on reading comprehension with my class, specifically how to answer short answer questions. A common strategy I've seen posted in classrooms over the years is "A.P.E" (Answer, Prove, Extend). However, my students are really struggling with this, especially the "extend" and I think it's confusing them more than anything. The answers end up being incredibly long whenever we work through one together, and I think I need something more simple/straight forward for them.

    Does anyone have a good system or tips to help students answer reading comprehension questions for short answers? The key thing I want them to take away is that they have to be able to explain their answer, using evidence from the text, not just write the answer in a few words and stop. I'm not concerned about them writing a connection (extend), for example.

    Thanks so much for any tips :)
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    Consider using some silly/basic examples of questions to help them understand that concept of extend. Use a question like "Why did the chicken cross the road?", and have a bit of fun with the answer/prove part (The chicken crossed the road because it wanted to get to the other side. I know this because on the same side of the road as the chicken, there was a butcher there. [here's the extend - the connection of the proof to the answer] If the chicken doesn't leave it's spot, it's going to get eaten for dinner by the butcher that's ready to eat him.)

    (Clearly, don't use that example -- that was totally random...and "Friday random", at that :p ...but hopefully illustrates the idea)
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    Explain seems more understandable than extend.
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    This is what I have always used.
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    Have the students verbalize their answers while you write down what they say. Then teach them what the different parts of the answer are (APE). Do this a number of times, then give the class a single silly questions and have them write down their answers. It would probably be helpful to them if you posted a sentence frame such as " _(Answer the question here)_.I know this because..." When they seem to have a handle on this, extend the exercise to answering very basic text of picture based questions. The explain part becomes "I know this because the text says/picture shows..."
    My students even in 4th and 5th grade need help finding and using key words from the question in the answer they give. I'm guessing your 3rds will need help with this as well.
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