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    Sep 7, 2017

    so this year at my school we have a large kindergarten class...i teach both k and 1st at the same time for 20 minutes a day for PE and i have 37 kids between the two and they are not the best listeners and have very high energy. my school has very little equipment (literally 4 jump ropes, 8 foam frisbees, 5 hula hoops and a couple other things) out town doesn't think that my department is a big need right now so i get no budget for stuff. we play a lot of tag games but i want to get them into fundamental motor skills and object manipulation i just am kinda at a loss since i have 37 kids and no equipment. any advice or suggestions?
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    You have three choices: get creative with what you have, suck it up and buy a few things, or scrounge up items you can use from elsewhere in the school.

    With what you've got, you could set up obstacle courses, do folk dance (I've done it with 1st before - it's fine as long as nothing's left/right specific), do relay races with tasks like rolling the hoops, do passing games with the frisbees, play steal the bacon etc.

    If it were me, I'd be buying a couple things just to make life easier. If you just had beanbags, cones, tape, and a big beachball / yoga ball, you could do so much more. With that stuff, you could do tossing tic-tac-toe, crab soccer, mat ball, all kinds of agility and coordination exercises. . . Hit up the dollar store or Oriental Trading -check their clearance- and pick up a few versatile items. Keep your receipts for tax purposes and label everything you bought with sharpie.

    Your last option is to go digging around for anything you could use. Maybe the kitchen has some buckets you could have or spoons you could borrow for egg & spoon races. Maybe there's some old door mats you could use as bases. There's probably tape around somewhere. Check garage sales too, or ask coworkers if they have anything at home they don't use.
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    Ask parents for donations of gently used equipment.

    Use Donors Choose to request new equipment.
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    Our PE teacher got a Donors Choose grant last year... she got a parachute, scoot boards with wheels, and an assortment of other supplies, I think from random donors outside of our community. You might ask the community for donations or try Donors Choose as well.

    Also, GoNoodle has some good activities for high energy kiddos!

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