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    My school does a week of testing at the end of every six week grading period. One day for a 6 Weeks Test and then four days dedicated to benchmark testing. Not including the 6 Weeks Test, the week has about 16 hours devoted to the benchmarks. Cabin fever sets in and I start to overthink everything.

    What is the point of oral administration? I understand for children with vision problems and maybe LEP, but why for others?

    During these weeks, I give oral administration benchmarks to two students. One is ESL/LEP, but the other has no documented language or sight problems. Oral Admin is a pain for me and it seems like a pain for them. Here's what I don't understand:

    -One student is always ahead of or behind another. This rushes one students and makes the other wait.

    -Sometimes they just move on without looking up or giving me a signal that they're finished with that question. This causes flow problems, causes confusion when I read a different question than the one they're on, and makes me question why they need Oral Admin at all.

    -I can't read half the math questions. "If *picture of shapes or a diagram or whatever* then what must be true?" All the answer choices are also diagrams or shapes.

    -Writing tests are beastly and boring to read. I'm supposed to read all the answer choices, but they're all the same words with different punctuation. "A)Let's, go get some ice cream. B)Lets go, get some ice cream. C)Let's go get some ice cream. D)Let's go. Get some ice cream." It's all the same out loud. And if I try to read them differently to show the punctuation marks, I give away the answers.

    -Writing tests also like to ask if a word should be changed to a homonym or to a different spelling. Asking out loud if it should be "threw or through" sounds the same. Asking if it should be "enough or enuff" sounds the same. Or it's such an awkward spelling that I stumble trying to read the misspelled word and give the answer away.

    Why do we do this? Especially the child who is only labeled At Risk and SPED? And it's the ESL/LEP student who always rushes ahead of me. In a situation like today where the kids were given modified tests (even though they're supposed to get regular) and give me a regular test to read from, it only confuses the kids and makes the situation worse.

    What is the basis of Oral Admin to these kids? Or is my testing induced cabin fever just making me crazy?

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