New Policy Unfair to Subs??

Discussion in 'General Education' started by TrademarkTer, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Those things are available, but the areas are a pretty good distance away. Generally eatting in the room you're working in is not going to be an option as other teachers have classes in there the majority of the day.
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    As a former sub, I honestly would not like being told that I had to eat in the library or the cafeteria with students. I would probably not return to that school if I had other options. If a school can trust me to be responsible for the care of their students, then I should be trusted to eat with other teachers!

    I usually ate in the classroom whenever I could, but there were times when the classroom was not available. I definitely would want a space to eat that was away from students. Just like teachers, subs deserve a space to eat that is different from where students are.
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    Kind of depends on your level. Elementary and MS typically don't slot other classes in the empty room, because it may not actually be free the entire period. At MS, recess does not always follow lunch, so not enough time to use the room by another teacher (staggered lunch times). HS may, indeed, be a different matter, as those classes are almost always filled. That said, sometimes the teacher's lounge is so far from where you are teaching that it isn't worth the walk. I work in a small private school now, and we totally lack a teacher's lounge, so then what??

    I will state again that there are two parts to this problem. Either teachers are talking about students, or leaving confidential material open to other's eyes, or, the district hasn't done enough to enforce confidentiality importance across the board, but specifically with their subs. They need to up their education and enforcement of confidentiality, across the board, and then enforce termination of subs who break confidentiality either knowingly or accidentally. It has to be a fully enacted policy.

    As far as being in the teacher's lounge, if I had a dollar for every post from a sub stating that the teachers don't include them in any kind of conversation, and they feel snubbed, well, my hubby and I could enjoy several nice dinners out from the money collected. If possible, eat in the room you are teaching in, otherwise, instead of griping here, OP should talk to the admin to see if there isn't a better solution. Suggest more training on confidentiality in the district, across the board, and because subs don't have long lunches, perhaps an alternative eating site or two with a 'fridge could be worked out. The problem with teacher's lounges is that they often house the printer, and many times things like IEP's, testing results, etc. are sent to print from offices. A sub may think they are printing off more worksheets, etd., and instead pickup very personal information. I've had that happen where I work, except everyone who works at my school is cleared to look at that kind of information. Imagine, though, a public school where very few people are cleared to see those records. I doubt that the printer will be moved, so the school has tried to minimize incidental contact with classified material. I think there may be better solutions, but this seemed quick and easy to the board. I still suspect that confidential information was passed, and they are trying to plug leaks ASAP/.
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    When I subbed, I never wanted to eat with other teachers. However, there were a few times that I got "invited" to and felt obligated. I always had it pounded in my head in college to keep my mouth shut as we were always told horror stories about the wrong person hearing confidential information.

    As a teacher, we do have a lunch room. I have to admit that we do sort of feel odd when a sub (especially a parent) joins because we all do have to watch what we say. Also, we now have subs (due to need) who are not even teachers. They haven't had the confidentiality training. I don't think they should be banned. Actually, I don't think they are qualified to sub at all, but few others want the job! However, I think we try to talk to and include everyone in the conversation. I wonder if subs would even want to be in this building with that policy, it is a little insulting.

    I did hear that at some of our elementary schools, there have been big issues with parent subs who are not teachers. Some of the teachers feel like parents with two year degrees are just subbing to "catch" some things they don't like and then complain about it. I guess this is another issue.
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    Respectfully, you can not lump all subs together in saying we may not have discretion. Subs are guest TEACHERS. I know in our district, they (me formerly) take an 8 hour course on student confidentiality and school policy/best practices. Also, we must have at least a Bachelor Degree. I have done the sub gig for 3 years now (and this is my first year a permanent inclusion sub). I have made some genuine friends with the other teachers and I look forward to my lunch breaks to be able to just mingle and relax with them in the lounge.
    I think if our school were to enact that type of policy, there would be plenty of regular teachers back us up/protest. It would simply be unfair to exclude a sub from being able to interact and shoot the breeze/relax with other teachers they consider friends.

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