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    I was just hired at a new school district and was asked to be team lead because of my past experience. Fortunately, I've taught the grade level for over 11 years at 2 different schools. I'm just a little nervous because I know it's going to be a challenge with all the responsibilities and the fact that I am new to the school myself. It's a small school, so I will have 2 brand new teachers working with me. I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity, but nervous. I know what helped me when I was a new teacher. Any advice, tips, encouragement would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    What are all the responsibilities that you are nervous about? If I were a member of your team, I would hope that you would solicit ideas and suggestions from team members to accomplish administrative directives/goals. Avoid projecting an authoritative attitude and instead adopt a collaborative approach to exploit each other's strengths. Offer sincere compliments to the team when warranted and let your principal know how well individuals on your team are doing. If you do these few things, you'll have nothing to worry about! Brand new teachers are fantastic to work with and will appreciate receiving support from their experienced team lead.
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