Need help with California reciprocity with Michigan

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Anny, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Jan 13, 2018

    My credential program is finally processing my California credential after passing the RICA recently. This is where my next worry happens: although I would love to teach in California (home state and all), my boyfriend recently moved to Michigan and doesn't plan on returning to California anytime soon. I looked into Michigan's Dept. of Education website and was quite shocked at the number of things I would have to pass in order to be considered for a certificate. I am actually quite angry and frustrated about this because I was told that California and New York had the most rigorous teaching programs and that if we went out-of-state, it wouldn't be a problem to get a license reciprocity.

    Michigan's requirements include taking MTTC (the same exams I struggled to pass here):
    - A basic skills test
    - Elementary skills test
    - Subject area test

    Also, what is this about me taking the ACT and SAT?!?! I mean, this may be for to-be teachers, but can someone verify this, please?

    What is this?!?! Why can't my state exams, which is the same thing be accepted? It is ridiculous! I know these are state laws, but come on!!!

    The other discouraging thing is that all this could be okayed had I taught in my home state for three years, but because I haven't, so I have to jump through more hoops.

    I have my Master's and many years of experience, but is that enough to bypass all this? Every website I visited seems to all say that I can't avoid the MTTC. I am so frustrated right now. Does anyone know anything that will help me?
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    I took the MTTC Elementary Education exam last December 2017 and I was extremely disappointed. I studied and reviewed for 3 months and most of the things I studied were not on the test. It was depressing. My score was 182 and the passing score is 220.

    SAT (Reading, Writing, and Math) is the new Professional Readiness Examination or Basic Skills Test. I was advised to take that exam too!

    I feel your frustration, just how it works in Michigan. I suggest you call the Michigan Dept. of Ed. for reciprocity of your credentials.

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