Need help with California reciprocity with Michigan

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    My credential program is finally processing my California credential after passing the RICA recently. This is where my next worry happens: although I would love to teach in California (home state and all), my boyfriend recently moved to Michigan and doesn't plan on returning to California anytime soon. I looked into Michigan's Dept. of Education website and was quite shocked at the number of things I would have to pass in order to be considered for a certificate. I am actually quite angry and frustrated about this because I was told that California and New York had the most rigorous teaching programs and that if we went out-of-state, it wouldn't be a problem to get a license reciprocity.

    Michigan's requirements include taking MTTC (the same exams I struggled to pass here):
    - A basic skills test
    - Elementary skills test
    - Subject area test

    Also, what is this about me taking the ACT and SAT?!?! I mean, this may be for to-be teachers, but can someone verify this, please?

    What is this?!?! Why can't my state exams, which is the same thing be accepted? It is ridiculous! I know these are state laws, but come on!!!

    The other discouraging thing is that all this could be okayed had I taught in my home state for three years, but because I haven't, so I have to jump through more hoops.

    I have my Master's and many years of experience, but is that enough to bypass all this? Every website I visited seems to all say that I can't avoid the MTTC. I am so frustrated right now. Does anyone know anything that will help me?

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